Saturday, June 28, 2008

ABC Reporter Pressuring Hillary Supporter to Vote for Obama

Another perfect example of UNBIASED reporting. Where is Pelosi, the free speech fascist to make sure there is fairness in the NEWS MEDIA?

Woman Gets Stroke From Chiropractic Exam

Chavez Grateful to Putin for Arms Sales

CARACAS, Venezuela: President Hugo Chavez says that Venezuela is fortifying "all levels of cooperation" with Russia, including the purchase of more arms.

Chavez says he spoke with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin by telephone, and his defense minister will visit Moscow on Wednesday for a series of meetings.

The socialist president says he's grateful to Putin for helping Venezuela buy arms in the face of what he sees as a U.S. "embargo." Venezuela, however, is the fifth largest supplier of oil to the U.S.

Speaking at a military event on Tuesday, Chavez said Venezuela is not afraid of the U.S. and that his country is experiencing an "armed revolution."

Venezuela spent US$4 billion on international arms purchases between 2005 and 2007. Most came from Russia and China.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Medvedev - NATO Can Not Protect Europe

Russia's goal is to dismantle NATO, so the USA is isolated even further before the World War starts. Medvedev already said that NATO can not protect Europe (another threat) and that the USA is the cause of the global economic crisis. The Russians have stepped up the anti-American propaganda the past 2 years and here is more of their rhetoric. The fact is that Russia is a grave threat to the EU and the USA. If you do not denounce the USA and kiss the Russian ring, you instantly have a Muslim terror threat.

The Czech Republic received an Al Qaeda threat last year and it is because they are cooperating with the USA's missile defense program that Russia is against. Do you see how this works?

This is why France bends over when Moscow calls, they are scared of a terrorist problem like England has due to them being an ally of the USA.

No current European group can solve security problems - Medvedev

KHANTY-MANSIISK, June 27 (RIA Novosti) - None of the current European organizations, including the OSCE, the EU and NATO, is capable of solving Europe's security problems, the Russian president said Friday.

"None of these organizations can solve these problems completely," Dmitry Medvedev told journalists after a Russia-EU summit held in West Siberian city of Khanty-Mansiisk.

"It is obvious that common European security is inseparable. It must not disintegrate into separate blocs and unions and be provided by a few countries, since we speak about the security of the whole European continent," the Russian president said.

Medvedev also said NATO is the most powerful military and political bloc.

"But for obvious reasons it [NATO] cannot guarantee security because not all countries are members. Therefore, this organization is not universal," he said.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who also attended the summit, said afterward that European officials were interested in Russia proposals for a common European security agreement.

"They were inspired by discussions and ideas voiced by the Russian president in Berlin," Lavrov said. "They were genuinely interested in the initiative to work out an agreement on the common European security and to hold a summit on the issue."

On an official visit to Germany in early June, President Medvedev called for a legally binding European security treaty to be signed at a pan-European conference.

Medvedev said a new security arrangement should be based on "pure" national interests, not skewed by ideological motives. He added that "organizations operating in the Euro-Atlantic region" could also join it.

CNN - Propagandists for the Russians

Do not be fooled by the Russians and CNN, they are both a grave threat to the USA. CNN bashes the USA any chance they can, yet they praise socialist dictatorships. Notice how they get a jab in at the end when they talk about the stock exchange? The global economy is crashing due to the Russian/OPEC/TERROR alliance.

Michael Savage - High on Bush

Michael Savage has been the toughest Bush critic of all conservative talk radio, but yesterday he gave the President some serious props. I have disagreed with Bush also, but I know that this would be much much worse, if Gore or Kerry would have won that election.

This victory for gun owners is the biggest in American history. Notice that the highest crime rates take place in the Chicago and Washington DC? How many of the other cities are fudging their crime numbers so that people feel safe and to attract more tourism? The fight has to continue, because these left wing nuts, the UN, the terrorists and so on want Americans disarmed so we can not stop their socialist assault on this Country.

Bush will do the right thing on Iran next, he knows that he has no choice, because he can not leave this in the hands of Hussein Obama.

Here is an article from Savages page praising Bush and his conservative appointments to the Supreme Court.

Bush's Legacy: The Greatest American President? By Beowulf Rochlen and Michael Savage The Supreme Court's decision today is George W. Bush's most important legacy. For all of his faults, George W. Bush appointed solid conservative justices to the bench. Alito and Roberts, his appointees, along with Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia, defeated Ginsburg and the radical leftist wing of the court.

For decades, liberals insisted that the Second Amendment, which protects our right to keep and bears arms, did not apply to the people. Today, Bush's court asserted that it did apply to the people, that they do have the right to keep and bear arms. Today, Bush's court asserted that the socialists in Washington D.C., and other leftist cities can't keep guns from people who want to defend themselves from thugs and terrorists. Today, Bush's court asserted that liberal statists like Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer who never fired a BB gun in their lives can take their plans for grabbing guns from the American people and return them to the Hague.

Imagine if Gore had won and appointed a corrupt trial lawyer to the court? Imagine if Kerry had won and appointed the head of the ACLU to the court? American freedom was one Supreme Court vote away from falling into the abyss. And it was George W. Bush who pulled it back from the edge.

Because of this ruling, George W. Bush may be remembered as the greatest American president. America was on the verge of boiling over with anger at one liberal decision after another. The fact is that George W. Bush may have prevented a revolution. No Supreme Court in our history has secured our freedoms the way this one has today. Not FDR's court, not Reagan's court, none. This gives power to the people in a way that no other president has been responsible for. Bush has many failings, but when it comes to the core issues of our civilization, he does the right thing.
And so as the election approaches, remember the choice. You have Obama, a leftist socialist who would give us another gun-grabbing Ginsburg on the court, or McCain, who would appoint a conservative like Bush did.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Satan Came to me in a DREAM

This is the 3rd time that I have had a dream similar to this. I was driving somewhere with my father and we walked down a creepy staircase and we get down on our knees. A large man, about 40 years old with a dark brown beard, glasses and a dark rain coat approaches us. He walks right up to me and he asks to see my hands. After examining them, he says “you are a very interesting and controversial man I see” and he then quoted a verse from the Koran. (I think he said Surah 11:33)

I just nodded my head and as he leans down toward my face with his, he lets out a roar that was so powerful, it penetrated my whole body. I immediately was woken up.

I never ever have dreams like this. My dreams (that I can remember) can be violent once in a while, but they are nothing like this. Satan comes in many forms and I feel that he is coming to me in my dreams due to me trying to warn everyone of the danger that is coming. He is trying to scare me away, because I am exposing him and his plan daily on my blog. I am fighting Satan, through my attacks on liberalism, communism and Islam. I feel that Satan is using deception to confuse people and that he is controlling the wack job liberals in the media. They are doing his work and we must expose and defeat them.

I ran to my computer at 5am to write this, before I forgot the details, because I usually do forget my dreams. For some reason I keep remembering this one.

I am curious to hear feedback about this.

I do not know ANY Koran verses, that is not my specialty at all and that is the part that is freaking me out. I think I am pissing off Satan for revealing and exposing his deception to the world....

This is what I feel ...

I am no religious fanatic either....very strange.

SURAH 11:33 He said Oh God is the one who brings it to you, if He so wills, you can not escape.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

LIB Congressman - I Will 'Rip Apart' Child Rape Victims on the Stand

This is shocking, but this is modern day liberalism in action. They are vile scum........

A Massachusetts politician and defense attorney has touched off a firestorm with his shocking public vow to torment and "rip apart" child rape victims who take the witness stand if the state legislature passed stiff mandatory sentences for child sex offenders.
Rep. James Fagan, a Democrat, made the comments during debate last month on the state House floor.

"I'm gonna rip them apart," Fagan said of young victims during his testimony on the bill. "I'm going to make sure that the rest of their life is ruined, that when they’re 8 years old, they throw up; when they’re 12 years old, they won’t sleep; when they’re 19 years old, they’ll have nightmares and they’ll never have a relationship with anybody.”
Fagan said as a defense attorney it would be his duty to do that in order to keep his clients free from a "mandatory sentence of those draconian proportions." Those comments drew the ire of local activists as well as colleagues.

Reader Information: State Rep. James Fagan is a Democrat representing the Third Bristol District, which includes the city of Taunton. Fagan, a 1973 graduate of Suffolk Law School, has been representing the district since 1993, and serves as chair of the House ethics committee. He can be reached by e-mailing or calling:

State House: 617-722-2040
District office: 508-824-7000

Alaska guv to Sen. Reid: Start drilling in ANWR!

The LIBS do not want to drill, because they want OUR Country to be weak and dependent on foreign oil. Russia and China are drilling away, but NOT US.....


In a letter to Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and other key leaders, Alaska Republican Gov. Sarah Palin urges Congress to allow drilling for oil on the Outer Continental Shelf and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in northern Alaska, an area she calls "the most promising unexplored petroleum province in North America."

"What will it take for Congress to enact comprehensive energy policy?" Palin asks in the letter, dated yesterday. "In my opinion, the debate about energy policy is no longer theoretical and abstract. Our failure to enact an energy policy is having real consequences for every American in their daily lives and has begun to affect America's place in the world."

Obama Grew Up Muslim, Half-Brother Confirms

The silence is deafening from the liberal media............
As the Jerusalem Post reports, "Barack Obama's half brother Malik said Thursday that if elected his brother will be a good president for the Jewish people, despite his Muslim background. In an interview with Army Radio he expressed a special salutation from the Obamas of Kenya."

Russia prepares for future combat in the Arctic

MOSCOW, June 24 (RIA Novosti) - Russia must be ready to fight wars in the Arctic to protect its national interests in a region that contains large and untapped deposits of natural resources, a high-ranking military official said in an interview published Tuesday.

"After several countries contested Russia's rights for the resource-rich continental shelf in the Arctic, we have immediately started the revision of our combat training programs for military units that may be deployed in the Arctic in case of a potential conflict," Lt. Gen. Vladimir Shamanov, who heads the Defense Ministry's combat training directorate, told the Krasnaya Zvezda (Red Star) newspaper.

Under the Law of the Sea, coastal states can declare an Exclusive Economic Zone stretching 200 nautical miles (370 km) from the shore, but this area can be extended if it is a part of the country's continental shelf or shallower waters. Some Arctic shelves extend for hundreds of miles, creating the possibility of overlapping territorial claims.

Last August, as part of a scientific expedition, two Russian mini-subs made a symbolic eight-hour dive beneath the North Pole to bolster the country's claim that the Arctic's Lomonosov Ridge lies in the country's economic zone. A titanium Russian flag was also planted on the seabed. Russia first claimed the territory in 2001, but the UN demanded more evidence.

The expedition irritated a number of Western countries, particularly the U.S. and Canada.

The general said wars "are won or lost long before they start" and combat training was crucial for the success of any future military operations.

"The Americans, for example, recently conducted the Northern Edge 12-day large-scale exercise in Alaska, involving about 5,000 personnel, 120 aircraft and several warships," Shamanov said, adding that Russia could not ignore such a show of military force near vital Arctic regions. I am curious if this is true or not since the US Government is so secretive on Russia and their antics.

He said the Defense Ministry would drastically change its approach to the combat training of highly-professional military units in the Leningrad, Siberian and Far Eastern military districts, which could participate in potential conflicts in the Arctic.

He also said two expert groups in his directorate were closely studying combat training models based on computer-assisted combat simulations that have been adopted by some foreign military's.

"We may propose to the defense minister setting up a company-level fully computerized training center at one of the former testing sites," the general said.

Russia's General Staff is planning to determine the new composition and size of the Armed Forces by the beginning of July.

Meanwhile, the Defense Ministry has already announced plans to expand the presence of the Russian Navy in the world's oceans, including the Arctic, and extend the operational range of submarines deployed in the northern latitudes.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Marxism an Issue, Not Race

This Hussein Obama is a uniter? The other day he was claiming that race will be brought into the election by the Republicans. Obama is directly bringing race into this first, so the socialist controlled media can put a barrier around him and his racist/America hating wife.

This is not about race, this is about IDEOLOGY. You see Mister Obama, you and your fellow Demoncrats have committed numerous counts of treason against our troops during war time in my opinion and you all belong in orange jumpsuits, right next to the terrorists in Gitmo.

The Washington Post reported that Obama is looking to reintroduce himself to voters for the general election. Ummmm, that is not necessary, we have already seen and heard enough. God Damn America, I am proud of my country for the first time in my life and we are all just anticipating the release of that alleged video of Michelle bashing white people and America.

Mister Hussein Obama, we do not want to be taxed into a socialist state. We do not want to surrender to the Russians, Chinese or the Islamo-nazis'. We do not want Israel to surrender to the Palestinians. We do not want to be censored by political correctness and hate speech laws. We do not want to negotiate with Ahmadninejad, the man that has killed countless numbers of American soldiers.

No Mister Hussein Obama, we do not care if you are Muslim or not, but we do care that you like to frequent with known far leftist professors that have alleged ties to terrorism and terrorist organization in the past.

Mister Obama, if you were a white Senator, you would have been forced to step down from your office by now, but the verminous scum in the media is protecting you.

The infiltration and brainwashing of liberalism is clearly at epidemic proportion judging by the number of idiots that are cheering this Marxist on. Every radical dictator and thug is endorsing Obama and if that is not a sign of something bad on the way, nothing is. Wake up America, before it is too late.

Kim Jong-Il Endorses Hussein Obama

I think Hussein Obama has pretty much all of the terrorists, dictators, anarchists and communists backing him. Very impressive indeed.....

The newspaper expressed hope of better ties between North Korea and the United States under an Obama administration, saying that even if McCain won the election, he could not reverse U.S.-North Korea ties.

Soviet Experiments of AMERICAN POW's

In 1992, Russian President Boris Yeltsin stated to reporters that American POW's from the Vietnam war might still be alive in Russian gulags? Where was Slick Willie on this? Many of the Vietnam Vets are furious at McCain for this, because he did not expose the Russian and Chinese truth behind experimentation of POW's from the Vietnam and Korean Wars.

Below is testimony from September 17, 1996 by Czech Communist defector General Sejna.

On several occasions my office was responsible for organizing the shipments of POWs and their housing in Prague before they were shipped to the Soviet Union.

I was personally present when American POWs were unloaded from planes, put on buses whose windows had been painted black, and then driven to Prague where they were placed in various military intelligence barracks and other secure buildings until they were shipped to the Soviet Union.Between 1961 and 1968 when I left Czechoslovakia, I would estimate
at least 200 American POWs were shipped to the Soviet Union through Czechoslovakia.

Most disconcerting is that thousands of these Americans were reported by numerous KGB and GRU eyewitnesses. Even President Yeltsin in 1992 acknowledged to press reporters that some were probably still alive in the Soviet gulags. Yet, even more upsetting was the knowledge that this was known at all levels of our own government, including the intelligence communities, the State Department, Defense, and White House. Officials in all these agencies have conducted a fifty-year unrelenting war, not on our enemies, but on those who would expose these policies and thus endanger the cover-up. Only those who have sought to learn and tell the truth have suffered.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Russian Nukes Will Target European Cities that Host US Missile Defense Systems

This is seriously trying to scare the Russian people into thinking that they are in grave danger from Bush, the USA, NATO and the missile system. Maybe the missile system would not exist if Russia would stop selling weapons to terrorist nations like Iran and Syria, committing terrorist acts like the 9/11 attacks and the rest of their covert dirty deeds. The Western media is covering up all of these little facts...

"There is no doubt that elements of the U.S. missile shield will be placed in Georgia and Ukraine immediately after they join NATO," the analyst said, adding that Ukraine already had radars [in Mukachevo and Sevastopol] that may be used against Russia.

"The U.S. wants to create an impenetrable shield capable of intercepting and destroying Russian nuclear missiles on launch pads, in the initial trajectory, in orbit and on the final trajectory," he said.

Ivashov criticized the Russian leadership for "wasting time in empty rhetoric with the West," rather than taking concrete steps to counter the looming threat.

He suggested that Russia should threaten to sever all relations with NATO if the U.S. missile shield is eventually placed in Europe.

"Russia must also warn the European countries case of a potential military confrontation...capitals, large cities, industrial and communications centers of the countries hosting elements of the U.S. missile shield will inevitably become the primary targets of [Russian] nuclear strikes."

White Europeans Training in Pakistani Camps

This has been known for a while, but I am re-posting it anyway.............

Dozens of white Europeans have trained in terrorist camps in Pakistan’s tribal regions in recent months, U.S. intelligence sources tell ABC News, in what officials fear may be the beginnings of a new breed of al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorism.

Government officials suspect the terrorists, recruited in Europe, have been dispatched to plan attacks against Europe and possibly the United States. The alleged terrorists hail from Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Romania and Estonia, sources said.

There is growing evidence that some European recruits may have already gone operational. Two of the suspects arrested in a September 2007 plot to kill American soldiers in Germany were native Germans, and U.S. officials say they are investigating whether they were trained in Pakistan…

“They’re recruiting operatives from Europe. Why? If you’re from Europe, it doesn’t require a visa to fly to the United States,” Mike McConnell, the director of National Intelligence, said in a speech in March.