Monday, June 23, 2008

Soviet Experiments of AMERICAN POW's

In 1992, Russian President Boris Yeltsin stated to reporters that American POW's from the Vietnam war might still be alive in Russian gulags? Where was Slick Willie on this? Many of the Vietnam Vets are furious at McCain for this, because he did not expose the Russian and Chinese truth behind experimentation of POW's from the Vietnam and Korean Wars.

Below is testimony from September 17, 1996 by Czech Communist defector General Sejna.

On several occasions my office was responsible for organizing the shipments of POWs and their housing in Prague before they were shipped to the Soviet Union.

I was personally present when American POWs were unloaded from planes, put on buses whose windows had been painted black, and then driven to Prague where they were placed in various military intelligence barracks and other secure buildings until they were shipped to the Soviet Union.Between 1961 and 1968 when I left Czechoslovakia, I would estimate
at least 200 American POWs were shipped to the Soviet Union through Czechoslovakia.

Most disconcerting is that thousands of these Americans were reported by numerous KGB and GRU eyewitnesses. Even President Yeltsin in 1992 acknowledged to press reporters that some were probably still alive in the Soviet gulags. Yet, even more upsetting was the knowledge that this was known at all levels of our own government, including the intelligence communities, the State Department, Defense, and White House. Officials in all these agencies have conducted a fifty-year unrelenting war, not on our enemies, but on those who would expose these policies and thus endanger the cover-up. Only those who have sought to learn and tell the truth have suffered.

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