Saturday, December 27, 2008

IDF launches strikes on Hamas compounds throughout Gaza

I LOVE IT........It is about time, this is long overdue.

Crush the ISLAMO-NAZI's

Just days after the cabinet gave the military final approval to counter ongoing Palestinian rocket fire against communities in the western Negev, the IDF launched a massive operation, striking Hamas installations throughout the Gaza Strip on Saturday.

Hamas's police spokesperson said that at least 40 people were killed in the initial attacks, Sky News reported. The Jerusalem Post could not confirm this report.

Minutes after the first wave of airstrikes hit areas in the southern Gaza Strip, Palestinians reported a second wave which targeted installations in the center and the north of the Strip.

In response to news of a military operation, Magen David Adom announced that they were putting their staff on highest alert, and deploying over 200 ambulances throughout the country in the case of a Hamas counterattack. Further, the Home Front Command ordered residents in Sderot and the Gaza periphery to stack within reinforced shelters as much as they can for the time being.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Chinese Russian NWO

I have been trying to explain this to people for years...there is a battle of the NWO's about to go down. Capitalism vs. World Communism.

Guess which side Hussein Obama is on?

Actually, while investigating this possibility, I have discovered that there have been MANY OTHERS who have predicted an inevitable global showdown between the forces of Communism and Capitalism, and their respective 'World Order' agendas. Here are some of the claims/prophecies/visions and so on that I have come across to date. This seems to involve the use BY a Euro-American New World Order agenda of Russian and Chinese U.N. troops to help bring the USA into subjection to a Capitalist based "New World Order".

However based on information I have heard through the "grapevine", Russia and China may merely be towing the party line of the "New World Order" for NOW, in order to establish a foothold in the USA through the U.N. "Trojan Horse", however once inside they will apparently dump the U.N. agenda and anything to do with the Euro-American based "New World Order" and implement their OWN agenda of a Sino-Russian based "Red World Order" [if you will], in that the old Communist factions of China and Russia will NEVER submit themselves to a New World Order that is centered outside of Asia, nor one that is run by capitalist western international banking empires. So then, determine what you will regarding what follows:

God & Country FIRST...

Scientists warn Christmas lights harm the planet

These little Nazi scientists are being paid of by the environmental fascists that want to eventually ban religion so they can impose their socialist agenda. Christmas is now bad for the environment? This is the radical Darwinist/Atheist movement in action folks and they must be stopped.

Arrest him and execute him.....NEXT

SCIENTISTS have warned that Christmas lights are bad for the planet due to huge electricity waste and urged people to get energy efficient festive bulbs.

CSIRO researchers said householders should know that each bulb turned on in the name of Christmas will increase emissions of greenhouse gases.

Dr Glenn Platt, who leads research on energy demand, said Australia got 80 per cent of its electricity by burning coal which pumps harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

He said: "Energy efficient bulbs, such as LEDs, and putting your Christmas lights on a timer are two very easy ways to minimise the amount of electricity you use to power your lights."

He said the nation's electricity came from "centralised carbon intensive, coal-based power stations" which were responsible for emitting over one third of Australia's greenhouse gas emissions.

Dr Platt added: "For a zero-emission Christmas light show, you may consider using solar powered lights or sourcing your electricity from verified green power suppliers.",23739,24839835-23272,00.html

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Blagojevich's Lawyers Seek Subpoenaes for Emanuel, Jackson Jr.


Lawyers for embattled Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich want two key aides to President-elect Barack Obama and U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. subpoenaed, according to Chicago media reports.

Blagojevich's legal team has asked the Illinois House panel that members of Obama's incoming administration testify before the House impeachment committee, including Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett, WBBM-TV and the Chicago Sun-Times reported late Wednesday.

Ed Genson, Blagojevich's chief lawyer, said testimony from the aides will prove the governor's insistence that he did nothing illegal to fill Obama's now vacant U.S. Senate seat.

The news comes days after Obama's team released an internal review that confirmed no "inappropriate" discussions had taken place in the Blagojevich probe.

The report said Emanuel was the only adviser to talk to Blagojevich and his top aide John Harris on the subject of the Senate seat. The incoming chief of staff was authorized to pass on the names of four people he considered qualified to take over his seat: Illinois Comptroller Dan Hynes, Illinois Veterans' Affairs Director Tammy Duckworth, Rep. Jan Schakowsky and Jackson Jr.

Muslim grinches steal Christmas

But the left wing nuts and 9/11 truth loons keep saying that the war on terror is a fraud? How could this be? Maybe it is because they support the enemies of the USA and Christianity? I think so.....

Christians warned against celebration: 'We are living under a state of fear'

JERUSALEM – Christians living in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip are holding only small, quiet Christmas celebrations after local leaders received warnings from Muslim groups against any public display of Christianity this holiday season, according to a Gaza Christian leader.

Publicly, some Christian leaders announced the dampened festivities were to protest an Israeli blockade imposed on Gaza after Hamas seized control of the territory in the summer of 2007. Israel limits trade convoys but still allows in humanitarian aid and directly supplies Gaza with 75 percent of its electricity. The Jewish state also provides monthly infusions of Israeli currency that fuel the Gaza economy.

Gaza Latin Church pastor Manuel Musalam faxed a statement to reporters announcing his church would not hold midnight Christmas mass to protest both the blockade and a threatened Israeli military invasion of Gaza. At least one other Christian leader in the territory made similar remarks to the20media.

Still, according to local Christians, some private, low key celebrations took place.

A top Christian leader in Gaza told WND the decision to keep celebrations quiet came after he received threats from local Muslim groups against any public display of Christianity during Christmas. The leader was speaking on condition of anonymity, saying his life would be threatened if he spoke out publicly. He said the threats were conveyed to other Christian leaders in Gaza.

"We were warned not to celebrate in the streets or ring the church bells, otherwise Christians would be targeted. We are living under a state of fear," the Christian leader said.

"There is nothing we can do about the situation. We don't want to infuriate anyone," he said.

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MSNBC Celebrates Christmas with Prison Shows

Christmas has inspired me to write this piece. Yes, the fight continues even on holidays...GOD BLESS AMERICA.

I am always monitoring the liberal progressive enemies and this caught my eye last night on Christmas Eve. FOX and CNN both had specials honoring Christmas and Christianity, but MSNBC chose to have a special on thugs in prison all night. There is a nice Christmas message for your family.

What did MSNBC present on Christmas morning? A marathon on Models in NYC....

The liberal vermin in this country are ALWAYS on attack when it comes to Christianity, American traditions, the police and the US Military. These institutions are a grave threat to the left wing scum that are obviously in control of MSNBC. They would rather see the traditional family passing around malt liquor and a crack pipe, instead of passing around Christmas presents.

MSNBC's ratings are so low due to this fact, that only a twisted mad hatter can actually watch this barrage of hate mongering against the USA and Christianity. Only someone with a real Socialist/Marxist agenda can appreciate the propaganda that is spewed from the sewer pipes (Michael Savage quote) of MSNBC.

Last night FOX News did an excellent and traditional Christmas show, that reminded me the old Bing Crosby days (before my time). The tribute to the troops was very good, but they could have spent more time with that topic.

These soldiers that they interviewed are true American heroes that the main stream media hides. The media would rather play up Britney Spears or some Hollywood junkie then show a true American war hero that is fighting against oppression and world communism. Communism is alive and well in the American socialist progressive Democrat Party.

The left wing vermin in this country DO NOT DESERVE to be represented by men and women of such high caliber, honor and bravery that we have in the US Military. The left hates that Iraq barely has any violence, so what do they do? The left hates the fact that there is more death and murder in Chicago (the home town of their Messiah, Kenyan born Hussein Obama), then there is in Iraq. They spew the economic fear mongering card 24 hours a day, because they plan on using the economy to make you all slaves to their Marxist agenda.

CNN did a very interesting show on the History of Christianity, that I watched in part and I will watch the rest later today on TIVO. So, I have to give some credit here to CNN for honoring the Christmas Holiday.

God Bless America........

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Russian Military Gets New Nuclear Missiles

MOSCOW -- Russian news reports say the military has commissioned another batch of new intercontinental ballistic missiles.
Russian news agencies quote a statement from the Strategic Missile Forces as saying the Topol-M missiles were put on duty Wednesday in Teikovo. The news agencies say the missiles are mounted on heavy off-road vehicles, but do not say how many were deployed.
Teikovo is a small town in the Ivanovo region some 250 kilometers (about 150 miles) northeast of Moscow.
The military commissioned its first Topol-Ms in 1998. The ITAR-Tass news agency said Wednesday the Strategic Missile Forces will have 65 such missiles by the year's end.

Russian officials hail the Topol-M's ability to penetrate any prospective missile defense.

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Pravda - USA needs nuclear explosion

Is the United States going to put dictatorship into effect under the guise of the anti-terrorist struggle? What may trigger another major transformation in 2009? The answer is obvious: another 9/11 in the USA.

Terrible and bloody events are in store for the world in the beginning of 2009. Most likely, the world will witness a reality show with a nuclear blast, which will be used as a reason for the US administration to change the world order again and leave the new Great Depression behind. There is every reason to believe that the Russian Federation may suffer as a result of this possible initiative too.

Joe Biden made a sensational statement on October 19, 2008. He said that Barack Obama would have to undergo an ordeal during the first six months of his stay in the White House. It will be the time of a very serious international crisis, when Obama would have to make tough and possibly unpopular decisions both in home and foreign politics.

Did Obama's Grandmother Die Oct 21st Instead of Nov 3rd?

I knew something was fishy about this whole grandma story....this is interesting.

According to sources employed in the coroner's office Madelyn Dunham died on October 21, 2008 and was cremated on Friday October 24, 2008. It is further claimed that the death records of Madelyn L Dunham were falsified at the direct and specific request of Barack Obama and Maya Ng.


Japan Considers Sending Ships to Fight Pirates

Something is up.....listen folks, I have been following this shit for years. We are on the verge of a major crisis and a world war. It is coming....

There are many factors....

If Obama does not get booted for his birth certificate, Israel is going to unleash on Iran, before Bush leaves office. Is this a deterrent? Is this also a deterrent to prevent India from attacking Pakistan?

That might be the real reason that China, Russia, NATO, Japan and so on are sending war ships to the Horn of Africa. The Horn of Africa is a stones throw away from the Persian Gulf, Pakistan and India.

You must be on drugs if you think that Russia and China are sending warships there to fight pirates in rubber boats. This is being used as an excuse to be in the area.,2933,472264,00.html

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Karl Rove - Media Bias Protecting Obama from the Blago Mess?

The libtards hate Rove for one reason, the man is a genius. Obama is hiding in Hawaii and Emanuel is hiding in Africa? That is no coincidence....


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

U.S. Military Preparing for Domestic Disturbances

A new report from the U.S. Army War College discusses the use of American troops to quell civil unrest brought about by a worsening economic crisis.

The report from the War College's Strategic Studies Institute warns that the U.S. military must prepare for a "violent, strategic dislocation inside the United States" that could be provoked by "unforeseen economic collapse" or "loss of functioning political and legal order."

Entitled "Known Unknowns: Unconventional 'Strategic Shocks' in Defense Strategy Development," the report was produced by Nathan Freier, a recently retired Army lieutenant colonel who is a professor at the college — the Army's main training institute for prospective senior officers.

He writes: "To the extent events like this involve organized violence against local, state, and national authorities and exceed the capacity of the former two to restore public order and protect vulnerable populations, DoD [Department of Defense] would be required to fill the gap."

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The Gay Marriage Can of Worms

The real problem that is never mentioned in the media is that if gay marriage is made legal, Churches will be sued if they do not abide by the law and marry gays. This is being forced down the throats of religious people that are offended by the gay lifestyle.

I also feel that this is being done to destroy society, marriage and the traditional family. ALL GOOD must be destroyed according to the agenda of the left.

Gays will be in for a rude awakening when the left wing Nazi's isolate them from the rest of society due to AIDS. Don't laugh, I feel this is the road of fascism we will be heading towards.

The reason I am bringing this up is that people were debating it on my you tube page and I want to post this here too....

What do you people think?

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Dramatic Helicopter Rescue - Water Main Break in Md

One second you are driving and the next you are swimming? Life is crazy...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Israeli Invents Escape Device for High Rise Buildings

This is very cool, they should make the outer material bullet proof if possible. These dirtbag Muslim terrorists will try to have a sniper shoot as the people evacuate.

Pakistan military on 'red alert' - Possible Attack by India?

Pakistan media is reporting that the country's military is on high alert over a possible strike by India.

Monday's reports come after a ratcheting up of tension between the two countries following attacks in Mumbai last month which killed 163 people.

Kamal Hyder, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Pakistan, said the local media attributed its reports to military sources, who were confirming that the navy, air force and army were on red alert.

"The Pakistani air force have been seen visibly in a number of locations flying close to the Pakistani-India border in what is being described as an aggressive patrolling mode, following reports that India is planning pre-emptive strikes against locations in Pakistan," Hyder reported.

"Chiefs of the three forces are meeting in what is being described as an emergency meeting in general headquarters in Rawalpindi.

"Only after the meeting is over will we come to know if it is a red alert or a heightened state of alert."

Hyder said that observers are saying that the Congress party in India has lost prestige due to the Mumbai attacks and, therefore, may try a show of strength in Pakistan.

Delayed civilian flights

The Reuters news agency quoted a Pakistan airline official as saying the Pakistani air force had conducted an exercise on Monday causing delays to two civilian flights.

"Two of our flights were delayed for some time because the PAF was conducting some exercises, but now everything is back on normal," Muhammad Latif, a spokesman for Pakistan International Airlines, said.

The flights were delayed at the airport in Lahore, near the Indian border, Latif said, while dismissing television reports of a high alert at Pakistani airports.

An air force spokesman declined to comment when asked about an exercise, saying only: "In view of the current environment, the PAF has enhanced its vigilance."

Divya Gopalan, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Srinagar, in India-controlled Kashmir, said that the Indian media was looking at Monday's reports with some degree of scepticism.

"They are saying that Pakistan is creating an artificial war hysteria to divert attention from the fact that they are under pressure from the Indian security services to deal with the Mumbai terror attacks."

'No red alerts'

Asad Durrani, the former head of Pakistani intelligence, told Al Jazeera that Pakistan was asked to do more to deal with individuals behind the Mumbai attacks. He dismissed the notion that the two states were on the brink of war.

Russian Guy Dives Head First into a Frozen Pond LOL

This is PRICELESS.........

Russia to Test Launch ICBM on Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas from Putin........

Gee, what do you think they are trying to say? The useful idiot libtards keep saying that there is no threat?

MOSCOW, December 22 (RIA Novosti) - Russia is to hold another test launch of the Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile in two days time, a source in the Russian defense industry said on Monday.

"The test launch of the latest intercontinental ballistic missile Bulava, which is due to be held in the next two days from the Dmitry Donskoi [Typhoon-class] strategic nuclear-powered submarine, will not be the final test for the entry into service of the missile," the source said.

"Next year we plan three or four more launches, including from [Russia's first Borey-class] strategic nuclear submarine the Yury Dolgoruky," he said.

The Bulava will not be put into service without successful test launches from the Yury Dolgoruky, the source added.

The fourth-generation Yury Dolgoruky was built at the Sevmash plant in northern Russia and was taken out of dry dock in April 2007. It is due to be equipped with Bulava ballistic missiles upgraded from Topol-M (SS-27) missiles.

The submarine is 170 meters (580 feet) long, has a hull diameter of 13 meters (42 feet), a crew of 107, including 55 officers, a maximum depth of 450 meters (about 1,500 feet) and a submerged speed of about 29 knots. It can carry up to 16 ballistic missiles.

The latest test of the sea-launched Bulava missile took place on November 28. It was launched from the Dmitry Donskoi submarine in the White Sea, effectively engaging its designated target on the Kamchatka Peninsula about 6,700 kilometers (4,200 miles) east of Moscow.

The Bulava (SS-NX-30), developed by the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology, is designed for deployment on Borey-class Project 955 nuclear-powered submarines.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Coffee and Cookie Packages for the Troops

Want to do something that will make
a real difference to the troops?

You can help make the daily routine of our troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq a little more bearable.

We've heard from countless members of the Armed Forces serving in the Middle East that one precious resource in short supply is quality coffee. That's why Move America Forward wanted to send only the BEST GOURMET Coffee to the troops

Move America Forward is proud to be in partnership with Artisan Roasters to provide our men and women standing in defense of freedom a wonderful taste of home and a reminder of our support.

Future Weapons: F/A-22 Raptor

Discovery Channel's Future Weapons episode featuring the F/A-22 Raptor.

Russia starts S-300 missile supplies to Iran

Will Israel bomb Iran before Bush leaves? VERY POSSIBLE........

Iran recently took delivery of 29 Russian-made Tor-M1 air defense missile systems under a $700-million contract signed in late 2005. Russia has also trained Iranian Tor-M1 specialists, including radar operators and crew commanders.

Brainwashed? Read Her Thoughts...

Liberalism is a deranged mental disease and here is the proof. Take a look the empty stare in the eyes of this MESS. This is a real pic, I just put the word balloon in...