Saturday, June 7, 2008

Russia: Medvedev Blames U.S. For Economic Crisis

This is where they sell their socialist agenda to the idiot liberals and the freeloaders that love Hussein Obama.

They have been doing this for the past year on Pravda, I was waiting for this announcement and here it is .....

"The failure to properly assess risk by the largest financial corporations, combined with the aggressive financial policies of the world's largest economy, have led not only to losses for those corporations," he said, "but unfortunately have impoverished the majority of people on the planet."

Drill for American Oil NOW!

Let everyone know you've had it with the excuses from those who say it can't be done, the whiners who complain it shouldn't be done and the anti-American forces who want to destroy the greatness of the United States. I have said the same thing numerous times, the people that are preventing us from drilling are looking to destroy this country. The environmental loons MUST BE STOPPED.

This removable, magnetic bumper sticker measures 15 by 3-3/4 inches. It's perfect not only for your car, but for your refrigerator, file cabinet – anything metal, anything where you want to make a statement.

Don't let the U.S. become a minor player on the world stage. Energy makes us strong, and American-produced oil frees us from depending on volatile, less-than-friendly countries overseas.

Say it loud! Say it proud!

The Communist Threat in Britain

Someone from England sent me this link and I felt that I had to post it, so people can see the threat that we are all facing and it is evil.

The Marxist movement MUST BE STOPPED and any professor caught promoting it in a college should be thrown out ON HIS ASS.

They are brainwashing the kids...........

Here is a video of police in England censoring free speech....

Apache Takes Out Armed Insurgents w/Hellfire in Iraq

THIS IS SO SWEET.............

How Liberals and Hitler are Parallel

They BOTH are for gun control, the environment, Darwin, they were both socialist, BOTH wanted to block religion to advance their agenda and free speech restrictions. The Liberals are using political correctness to stifle free speech, but they try to make it appear like they are for freedoms. This is all deception....

Remember to watch the person that screams the loudest about someone else (Bush), because they are usually they one that is doing the dirty deeds behind the scenes and that is the case today.

Here is a perfect example on how college fascists from Columbia University are silencing the right of others to speak freely. They should have been tear gassed and beaten into the ground for violating this mans civil rights...

The next video is Jonah Goldberg on Hannity's show talking about liberal fascism...

Hillary Clinton Supporters for John McCain

CNN Swooning Over Hussein Obama Blowing His Nose

This is enough to make you sick, just take a good look at the brainwashed fools swooning over a NAKED MARXIST...

Hannity Exposes Global Warming Kool Aid Drinker

Most of the environmental groups are really communist front groups and their goal is to weaken the USA by preventing us from drilling for our own oil. They want us dependent on foreign oil and if we dare try to drill, they will go to the liberal controlled courts to slow it down. They are using our own justice system to strangle our economy....

Commie Brit Endorses Obama on Hamas TV

The global Marxist movement and radical Islam are both working together. For years the media has portrayed them as separate entities, but that is all DECEPTION. They are at war with Capitalism and democracy, this has nothing to do with BUSH. Guess what side Hussein Obama is on you fools????

Friday, June 6, 2008

Global Warming - Beach Bonfires May be Banned in Seattle

These liberals have to go...Arrest them and send them to mental institutions, before they take away ALL OF OUR FREEDOMS...................

Russian Nukes to the Highest Bidder

The Russians are playing a dangerous game here, by knowingly allowing nukes to be sold to muslim terrorists via 'rogue' soldiers and FSB/KGB agents. Their goal is to have this detonated in the name of Islam, but that is just a distraction for their intentions and liabilty.

Then the world wonders why Bush is putting missiles in Poland and the Czech Rep. Bush needs to leak more anti-Russian news FAST. I feel that he knows that the media is loaded with little socialist liberals that share a common ideology and goal with the Russians; a One World Socialist Government.

Here are two videos, one is about a sting that caught a Russian man trying to sell nuclear materials to undercover agents that he thought were Arab terrorists. This happened earlier in the year I believe.

The 2 nd video a chilling lecture by former FBI consultant, Dr Paul Williams speaking about the dangerous of Russian suitcase nukes that are in the hands of terrorists already.

$45 Trillion Global Warming Swindle Coming

31,000 scientists recently signed a petition against the global warming hysteria, but this scam is still alive. Why? Because this will be used to control people, behaviors, corporations and MONEY.


When you are paying taxes to the UN, consider yourself a citizen of the world community instead of the USA. This is a backdoor way into the Global Government.

TOKYO - The world needs to invest $45 trillion in energy in coming decades, build some 1,400 nuclear power plants and vastly expand wind power in order to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, according to an energy study released Friday.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

DeLay: 'Unless Obama Proves Me Wrong, He Is a Marxist'

Finally, someone with balls.....

"And if McCain does not define him as what he is — hey, I have said publicly, and I will again, that unless he proves me wrong, he is a Marxist," DeLay said.

The radio host agreed with DeLay, who is facing money laundering charges, saying Obama is "desperately trying to cover up what seems to be the kind of old school Marxist radical liberal failed ideology."

News Sites Ignore Rezko Conviction and Obama Link

Did anyone else notice this? I looked around the web and not one of them had the story on their front page....NOT EVEN FOX.


If this were MCCAIN? The scumbags in the media would have been chasing him with cameras, asking him if he was going to withdraw from the race...................

Freaky Crop Circles

Very chilling video....

Bilderberg to Counter Soviet Aggression?

This is what I have been trying to stress for the longest time. Notice at the end of this video, that is mentioned really low.....

Obama and the 2nd Amendment

This man is dangerous for America, because when the Marxist revolution gets rolling, they will want as many people disarmed as possible. Now is the time more than ever to make sure that you have some type of firearm in your home...


The China-Russia-Iran Axis

The state of the axis is good, strong – and strengthening – and mutually beneficial, particularly for the Iranian regime in the short term. I have and will continue to refer to Russia and China as the Iranian Protectorate. No nation at the UN Security Council has been more steadfast or consistent in resistance to US and Western sanctions efforts there than either the bear or the dragon.
The reasons for this are quite simple: Synergistic strategic advancement against a common enemy, oil and money.

Iran is rightly portrayed as one of the most pressing threats to the United States and her interests. But Iran remains in many respects a piece on the chessboard of a greater Russian and Chinese game.

Russian bomber flights alarm NORAD

This is a warning folks, Russia is not our friend and they are a grave threat to YOU. How soon will it be before these 'training' missions turn into real world attacks. The USA has HAARP in Alaska and that seems to be where the Russian bombers are flying. HAARP is an electromagnetic weapon and it's capabilities are very secretive, due to the power of this weapon. Russia and China have their own version called Scalar.

Russian "Bear" bombers led NORAD crews to scramble U.S. fighter jets 46 times last year, according to records provided by military officials.

In one incident last month, a Russian Tu-142 bomber buzzed about 2,000 feet over the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier off Japan. U.S. fighters intercepted it south of the battleship.
In another, U.S. F-22s tracked two Russian Bear-H bombers lumbering over Alaska's Aleutian Islands on Nov. 22.

The Russian bombers "are not on any flight plan. They are not complying with the internationally accepted rules of operation. In the post-9/11 environment, it is difficult to have unidentified aircraft flying toward your airspace if you don't know who they are or what their plans are," Air Force Gen. Victor Renuart, commander of NORAD and Northern Command, said in an interview.

Excellent Site on The Russian Threat and Deception Against the WEST

I am very impressed with this site (I remember reading it a while back), there is some really deep stuff on here............

Once Upon a Time in the West holds to the position that the "collapse" of communism in Eastern Europe between 1989 and 1991 was part of a long-term strategic deception orchestrated by the Moscow-Beijing Axis. Current events are analyzed here in that light. In particular, we monitor Communist Bloc military exercises, the activities and statements of Soviet communists, the spread of neo-communism in Latin America, and the Islamo-Marxist alliance.

All information is based on open-source documentation, including mainstream and state media, communist websites, and Soviet Bloc defector testimony, such as that of KGB Major Anatoliy Golitsyn.

In a March 1989 memorandum to the US Central Intelligence Agency, Golitsyn revealed the dreadful conclusion of Mikhail Gorbachev's "reforms": "The final period of 'restructuring' in the United States and Western Europe would be accompanied, not only by the physical extermination of active anti-Communists, but also by the extermination of the political, military, financial, and religious elites. Blood will be spilled and political re-education camps would be introduced."

In the same memorandum, written more than 12 years before the September 11 terrorist attacks, he predicts: "The Russians may be expected to provoke an incident unattributable to themselves involving the explosion of a nuclear device somewhere in the West not excluding the United States. The purpose would be to reassert or re-emphasize the necessity for the American-Russian partnership now, and to create pressure for eventual World Government."

Four years later, in a February 1993 memorandum, Golitsyn warned: "Ignore Russian and Chinese strategic designs against the United States at your peril."

This blog does not propagate "New World Order conspiracy theories." We acknowledge that the Western capitalist elites have organized themselves into a number of clandestine and semi-clandestine transnational associations committed to the utopian ideal of world government. By asserting that these organizations are the true threat to the West, however, the Left and the Faux Right are parroting the Leninist lies of Pravda, the organ of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF), and KGB/FSB-disseminated propaganda.
The invitation that PM Putin has extended to Russia's veteran ambassador to the USA, Yuri Ushakov, into his cabinet as deputy chief of staff, is significant from the point of view the long-range Soviet strategy. Ushakov's appointment indicates that the Moscow Leninists are determined to press ahead with East-West convergence, with the threat of nuclear blackmail ala the Russian Air Force's resuscitated long-range bomber missions.
The establishment last year of the clandestine Kissinger-Primakov Strategic Working Group also demonstrates that the baleful influence of the Kremlin extends into the White House, whether occupied by a faux rightist Republican (like John McCain) or a crypto-communist Democrat (like Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama). Pictured above: Ambassador Ushakov with then Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Marine General Peter Pace, at the Russian Embassy in Washington DC, in February 2006.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Michelle Obama Racist Comment "Whitey"?

Michael Savage talking to a Washington Times reporter about the TAPE...........

Rezko Found GUILTY - Will Prez Obama Pardon HIM?

The people of Illinois make me sick, you should all be ashamed of yourselves for putting the country at risk like this.


CHICAGO — A federal jury has found a prominent political fundraiser for Sen. Barack Obama and Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich guilty of 16 of 24 counts in his Illinois corruption trial.

Antoin "Tony" Rezko was accused of scheming to get bribes from businesses seeking state contracts.

The jury delivered its verdict Wednesday after a nine-week trial.

Rezko has known Obama since he entered politics and was involved in a 2005 real estate deal with the Democratic presidential candidate, although testimony barely touched on their relationship. Most of the focus was on shakedowns prosecutors said Rezko arranged when he was a top adviser to Blagojevich.

Neither Blagojevich nor Obama has been accused of wrongdoing.,2933,363364,00.html

Putin - NATO Should Collapse Just Like the USSR

Russia seems to be a little upset these days about NATO expansion. Maybe if Russia would stop selling weapons to terrorists through third parties, this would not be happening. Maybe the Russians should have kept better track of those suitcase nukes that are now 'mysteriously missing' and in the hands of Muslim terrorists.

Bin Laden refused to admit where he got nuclear weapons from during an interview with Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir, but it is estimated that he has at least 20 and he will use them if Iran is attacked.

The Soviet Union never collapsed it was all a HOAX to get financial aid and to open up new fronts of attack against the West via radical Islam, Al Qaeda by using their old arch enemy Bin Laden as a weapon.

Google and Anatoli Golitsyn for more info on the Russian threat and deception.

“The expansion of NATO is the construction of new Berlin walls in Europe – invisible walls, which are equally dangerous,” Putin said answering a question about the threat of Ukraine’s and Georgia’s possible incorporation in NATO.

Putin reminded that NATO had been set up during the opposition with the USSR. The Soviet Union collapsed long ago, although the North Atlantic Alliance continues its existence. “Against whom does this friendship exist now? Which are the current global threats? The proliferation of nuclear weapons, terrorism, epidemic, international criminality, drugs. Can these be solved within the framework of a closed political bloc? No. NATO builds new borders in Europe with its expansion. This restricts opportunities of taking the mutual effort to struggle against today’s current threats, because it sows distrust to each other. It is an obstacle,” Putin said.

'Indoctrinate U' Reveals Rampant College Madness

Stunning new DVD shows universities today resemble totalitarian states...


Hailed by the New York Sun as one of "America's most promising" documentary filmmakers, Maloney has assembled a scorching indictment of higher education in America today, one sure to make students, parents, trustees, lawmakers and concerned citizens sit up and take notice.

Nation of Islam activists on Obama camp payroll

It is a disgrace that the media is HIDING THIS LITTLE FACT.


But a former Obama insider says that Obama's sudden aversion to NOI and Farrakhan is belied by the fact that Obama employed and continues to employ several Farrakhan acolytes in high positions on his Illinois and U.S. Senate campaign and office staffs. I have verified that this person--who agreed to talk on the condition of anonymity--held a key position in the Obama campaign. The insider was so close to Senator Obama that they frequently personally discussed and exchanged direct e-mail messages on campaign and policy matters. This person is not connected with the Clintons and is not a disgruntled employee.

McClellan Gives Up Bush vs. Wolfson Covers For Hillary’s Illegalities

I have posted this several times over the past year. This is about the allegations that Hillary's 2000 Senate contributions were illegal and the media is hiding details of the court case from the public. Why did Obama never bring it up? He has his own Rezko dirt.....

The knowledge that the Gala Paul produced cost more than $1 million when the Post article was published in August, 2000 evidences an effort to hide the cost by Hillary and Wolfson in false FEC reports that were made by Hillary’s campaign in October, 2000, January, 2001 and July, 2001 stating the Gala cost $366,000.

Knowing in August, 2000, that the cost of this fundraiser was in excess of $1 million meant that Hillary’s finance director, David Rosen, who was indicted and tried in federal court in 2005 for hiding the true $1 million plus cost of the event from Hillary’s campaign , was wrongly indicted and forced to defend a federal criminal trial!

The Shocking Video Hillary Does NOT Want You To See! (1of2)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Say No to Marxism Shirts

You got to love this LOL..........

Limited US attack on Iranian Revolutionary Guards bases in sight

This makes sense and it will drive the LIBS nuttier than they already are...........

Our Washington sources report that president George W. Bush is closer than ever before to ordering a limited missile-air bombardment of the IRGC-al Qods Brigade’s installations in Iran. It is planned to target training camps and the munitions factories pumping fighters, missiles and roadside bombs to the Iraqi insurgency, Lebanese Hizballah and Palestinian terrorist groups in Gaza.
Iran is geared up for counteraction.

US intelligence estimates that Tehran’s counteraction will likewise be on a limited scale and therefore any US-Iranian military encounter will not be allowed to explode into a major confrontation. Because this US assault is not planned to extend to Iran’s nuclear installations, Tehran is not expected to hit back at distant American targets in the Persian Gulf or at Israel.
DEBKAfile’s Iranian sources report, however, that Iran’s military preparations for countering an American attack are far broader than envisaged in Washington. Tehran would view a US attack on the IRGC bases as a casus belli and might react in ways and on a scale unanticipated in Washington.

Two days ago, Iran’s defense minister Gen. Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar warned: “Iran’s Armed Forces are fully prepared to counter any military attack with any intensity and to make the enemy regret initiating any such incursions.”

According to DEBKAfile’s Iranian and military sources, the IRGC had by mid-May completed their preparations for a US missile, air or commando assault on their command centers and bases in reprisal for Iranian intervention in Iraq.

These preparations encompass al Qods’ arms, most of them undercover, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Sudan. At home, the Revolutionary Guards have evacuated their key bases together with manpower and equipment to regular army sites or temporary quarters in villages located in remote corners of eastern and northern Iran. Their main headquarters and central training center at the Imam Ali University in northern Tehran are deserted except for sentries on the gates.

Indoctrination seminaries and dormitories hosting fighting strength in the holy town of Qom are empty, as is the Manzariyah training center east of the capital.

Deserted too is the main training camp near Isfahan for insurgents and terrorists from Iraq, Afghanistan, Baluchistan, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip. It is here that they take courses from friendly al Qods training staff on how to sabotage strategic targets such as routes, bridges and military installations, and the activation of the extra-powerful roadside bombs (EFPs) which have had such a deadly effect on American troops in Iraq.

Alleged Drunk Driver Plows Into Bike Race

This is a chilling photo...........

A car driven by an alleged drunken driver plowed into a bicycle race along a highway near the U.S.-Mexico border Sunday, killing one cyclist and injuring 10 others.

Eating Insects is Good for the Environment

Hey libs? You can eat bugs, I will stick to chicken and fish you psycho's.

It might be a while before they appear on the shelf at Tesco.

But scientists claim adding insects to our diet would be good for us and the environment.

Crunching into crickets or snacking on grilled caterpillar is apparently a means to a nutrient-rich diet that also helps reduce pests and puts less strain on the planet than eating conventional meat.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Greenpeace Commies Protesting US in Czech Rep.

What did I tell you people? The anti-war and environmental movement are communist front groups. Always has been and always will be.....

A Marxist-Progressive Revolution with a Radical Islamic Cherry on Top

I like to make my observations short and sweet, because as a former martial arts instructor I always taught my students to explode and to be on offense immediately during a confrontation. I see politics as a confrontation due to what is really at stake here, our freedoms. "Do not beat around the bush" as the great Bruce Lee once said, so I will get right to the point.

Why is the progressive movement always trying to enable Islam any chance they can, but they attack Christianity? Answer: they want to dismantle our faith and religion, because the left wing atheist scum see US (Christians) as an obstacle to their New World Order Socialist agenda. No religion at all, is their goal and they will backstab the Muslims as soon as they get the chance to. This will most likely happen sooner than later, because they do not want them getting too much stronger as far as wmd's are concerned.

I am far from a religious fanatic, but there is no way I will allow the left wing vermin to take away THE RIGHT to religious freedoms in this country, without me screaming about it. How long before they label what I just said as hate speech against liberals and atheists? That is coming too, just be patient, they have plans for freedom of speech as well. You people have no idea how complex this assault really is and how many different fronts that it is coming at us from. This is happening daily through the courts with the liberal judges. Just go through my archives to find the many articles that prove my findings on their agenda.

Many conservative talk show hosts are shouting these warnings too, but it is falling on deaf ears. This essay today is even going deeper than Savage, Rush and Hannity dare to go, because of the Russian implications and covert assistance that I bring up on a daily basis on my blog. I owe a lot to Jeff Nyquist for his tireless coverage and superior intellect as far as communist deception and infiltration into American society.

The left want Islam to run wild, because they are using them as a "shield", so we are distracted from seeing the truth and that is the coming Marxist revolution. Their agenda is to make the USA a Socialist Police state just like Cuba, the former Soviet Union and Venezuela. This is a game of deception, classic Soviet style communist warfare and psych ops. “If you can not convert them confuse them” is their motto and with half of the population on prozac and cocaine, it is really not surprising that they have the wool pulled over the eyes of billions of people around the world.

They want Islam to run wild, so all religions can be labeled as extreme and eventually all will be banned after a huge WMD attack. Yes, religion will be blamed, but WORLD SOCIALISM will really be behind it and the American atheist progressives are assisting in the propaganda as we speak via the media, liberal politicians, liberal judges and the college professors.

Kids are being brainwashed by their professors that religion is really a myth and it is for the weak minded. There will be no religion or borders in the future of the new world order, because the liberals promote this as the only way to stop world famine, war and saving the environment. Yes, the global warming fascists will say that we all will have to be united to save the polar bear and cockroach from being extinct.

Russia was the #1 oil exporter in the world last year over Saudi Arabia and you would think that is big news, but the socialist media hid that little fact. Why? Again, they are part of this little game of deception; they want you to think that Russia is still weak and feeble. They do not want you to see Russia as the real threat that we are facing. The cover story and deception is that the Saudi’s and Bush, the oil hungry neo-cons are the real threat. It is no secret that the media is a major part of the plan in this world Marxist revolution that we are on the doorstep of. Lenin and Stalin must be smiling right now, while Reagan is rolling over in his grave.

Remember the list of 45 things to do for Communism to take over the USA that I have posted about 50 times? Well, infiltration of both political parties, the schools and the media is on the list. It is very obvious that these goals have been attained. We have been spoon fed socialism since the early 50’s and half of this country is already communist without even firing a shot. The sad fact is that most of America does not even know it. This was predicted by former Soviet Premiere Kruschev, when he told a former US lawmaker “Your grandchildren will live under communism”, he meant every word of it.

The “alleged” fall of the Soviet Union was the biggest story of the last decade and the progressives in the media would like the destruction of Capitalism and the Republican Party to be the major story TODAY. Please tell me how communism fell without one shot being fired? Then mysteriously several years later we have a new enemy? The first WTC attack, then the many other attacks overseas by Al Qaeda during the Clinton Administration. What did he do about it? Nothing at all. Do you really think we are just fighting some barefoot Muslim in a cave? Please, do not be so naive.

Clinton blew at least 10 chances to kill Bin Laden and the media buries this fact. Instead we hear about the Bush ties to the Bin Laden family and the other conspiracy 9/11 crap, which is all commie propaganda once again rearing it’s ugly head to distract you from the real story.

The goal of a socialist USA will be reached with the help of radical Islam, the ACLU Lawyers, the progressive Democrats, George Soros (and other corrupt elitists with a socialist agenda), illegal aliens flooding our cities - pushing our medical and education resources to the brink of collapse, the collapse of the world economy, the manipulation of oil prices by Russia and OPEC, liberal judges (making insane and unconstitutional judgments and using INTERNATIONAL LAW as a basis to make their decisions) and I can keep going and going with this list.

Do you doubt all that I am saying? How come the link between Russia and Iran is being downplayed by the media? Alexander Litvinenko, the poisoned KGB agent even admitted that the #2 man in Al Qaeda was trained by the Russian FSB in 1998. How come this is not mentioned in the media? This directly links Russia and Al Qaeda.

China signed an economic pact with the Taliban on the day that the WTC crashed into a pile of rubble. What is this really telling you? Look outside the liberal media box, this is what I am saying folks, because you are all being brainwashed into seeing the world the way THE PROGRESSIVES want you to see it. So they can mold your mindset into being their Marxist puppet and a slave of the world government.

One more thing that I want to add about the oil is that it is being used to cripple the world economy and to force people into a breaking point of begging for government intervention and assistance to the point where they will have no rights whatsoever. High oil prices causes high gas prices and this effects food deliveries. No food? There will be civil unrest. Not enough money to afford heating oil? Civil unrest again will explode and people will be begging for government intervention and assistance.

This plan for Global Government is sinister and it is coming sooner than we all think. I think that there will be a battle of ideologies and New World Orders coming soon with wmd’s being used. A global emergency will be declared and joining the SOCIALIST world government will be seen as the only way to prevent total destruction of the world and the environment. The libs will jump at the chance to surrender.

All of the CFR and Bush conspiracy theories sound really good, but I do not think Russia and China plan on surrendering to bankers and oil men. They have their own plans for global dominance and they will pursue them, by using nutty 9/11 conspiracy kooks as their “useful idiots” to distract and raise suspicions against the US Government. They will pursue them, by using radical Muslims as the foot soldiers and a smoke screen in the media and in the blood soaked streets. Then the progressives will turn on them too and eventually crush Islam. Do you think Muslim terrorists are efficient terrorists? Just wait until you see the Marxists in action, because they starve and slaughter entire towns at a time. This you can count on, because the Marxist-Progressive movement in the world right now is more dangerous than radical Islam, you just don’t know it yet.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Karl Marx

Nov. 2007 - Chavez - "Oil Will be $200 a Barrel if Iran Bombed"

I posted this article on 360 in Nov 2007. Look people, the nexus is here and it links Russia, Iran, Venezuela and OPEC to a global conspiracy to raise oil prices. WHY? To scare Bush from bombing Iran for the murder of US Soldiers in Iraq.

I say screw gas and oil...BOMB THEM.........

Reuters Gives Us Another Christ-like Obama Photo

Reuters gives us another Obama photo in a seeming Christ-like pose, halo surrounding him.

They just can't resist it, can they?

No, they aren't in the tank, eh?

Original caption:

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama waits to speak in Aberdeen, South Dakota May 31, 2008. Obama said on Saturday he quit his Chicago church in the aftermath of inflammatory sermons that could become a lightning rod in the November election. REUTERS/Rick Wilking