Saturday, January 3, 2009

Earthquakes The past 20 Hours Around the World

This is alarming.........

y/m/d h:m:s
MAP 6.2 2009/01/03 20:23:20 36.530 70.780 188.0 HINDU KUSH REGION, AFGHANISTAN
MAP 3.0 2009/01/03 19:56:09 63.992 -148.478 100.0 CENTRAL ALASKA
MAP 7.6 2009/01/03 19:43:55 -0.510 132.783 35.0 NEAR THE NORTH COAST OF PAPUA, INDONESIA
MAP 2.7 2009/01/03 18:05:22 54.798 -162.126 36.4 ALASKA PENINSULA
MAP 4.6 2009/01/03 17:52:50 -4.854 144.828 35.0 NEAR NORTH COAST OF NEW GUINEA, P.N.G.
MAP 4.5 2009/01/03 17:27:16 16.310 145.865 514.4 ANATAHAN REG., NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS
MAP 4.5 2009/01/03 16:53:11 6.609 123.604 610.9 MORO GULF, MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES
MAP 5.7 2009/01/03 16:49:27 -12.459 166.645 116.2 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS
MAP 5.5 2009/01/03 16:30:43 -7.471 128.492 80.9 KEPULAUAN BARAT DAYA, INDONESIA
MAP 3.0 2009/01/03 13:44:40 60.411 -152.333 74.3 SOUTHERN ALASKA
MAP 2.5 2009/01/03 12:40:19 53.981 -165.868 79.2 FOX ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS, ALASKA
MAP 2.6 2009/01/03 11:28:20 32.731 -115.336 20.9 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
MAP 4.4 2009/01/03 11:00:48 -10.851 161.905 66.4 SOLOMON ISLANDS
MAP 2.5 2009/01/03 09:33:27 61.693 -149.755 3.4 SOUTHERN ALASKA
MAP 5.5 2009/01/03 08:22:57 -25.373 -175.475 16.8 SOUTH OF TONGA
MAP 5.0 2009/01/03 07:13:05 37.212 141.071 56.0 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 3.0 2009/01/03 05:57:35 61.540 -150.536 46.3 SOUTHERN ALASKA
MAP 2.7 2009/01/03 05:11:29 53.525 -167.977 19.1 FOX ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS, ALASKA
MAP 4.4 2009/01/03 04:46:48 34.692 141.576 38.3 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 4.7 2009/01/03 03:50:16 56.230 113.439 10.0 BURYATIYA, RUSSIA
MAP 4.2 2009/01/03 03:21:13 -22.010 -67.010 172.8 POTOSI, BOLIVIA
MAP 2.6 2009/01/03 02:28:09 63.280 -151.176 6.1 CENTRAL ALASKA
MAP 2.9 2009/01/03 01:17:53 57.397 -154.757 25.1 KODIAK ISLAND REGION, ALASKA
MAP 2.6 2009/01/03 00:23:22 44.669 -110.163 1.0 YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, WYOMING

Israel bombs Gaza mosque, kills 10

I told Chief T that something big might happen this weekend and well this could be the start of it. The Muslims will not be too pleased that a Mosque was bombed, even though I am sure that it was being used as a base for Hamas and their weapons.

How do I know this? Because I think it is pretty clear how these terrorists operate by now. The USA and Israel have to play by the book and these 'freedom fighters' are allowed to urinate on us, just because the socialist vermin say so?

It is time to clean house and I am not just talking about radical Muslims. I am talking about the left wing scum in the media, the Congress and the Senate. Hussein Obama is another appeasing liberal that belongs in Gitmo.

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – Artillery units joined Israel's Gaza offensive for the first time Saturday while warplanes and gunboats pounded more than 40 Hamas targets and a mosque where 10 people were killed.

Airstrikes waned during the day but gathered pace after dark Saturday. In a sign that the offensive was entering a new phase, military officials said Israeli artillery units attacked Gaza for the first time, something that could signal a ground invasion is nearing.

"We will do all that is necessary to provide a different reality for southern Israel, which has been under constant attacks for the past eight years," Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni told Channel 2 TV.

Israeli defense officials said some 10,000 troops, including tank, artillery and special operations units, were massed on the Gaza border and prepared to invade. They said top commanders are split over whether to send in ground forces, in part because such an operation could lead to heavy casualties but also because they believe Hamas already has been dealt a heavy blow.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were classified discussions.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Former Soviet Advisor - "USA & Russia Will go to War in Less Than 5 Years

Leonid Kagansky, senior adviser for European affairs to deceased Soviet tyrant Leonid Brezhnev, was quoted as saying: "The USA will be at war with Russia within five years." Kagansky, who lives in retirement in Israel, "believed the US will be drawn into a battle for control over these former communist countries." In the 17 years since Eastern European communism "collapsed," the Soviet strategists have not been idle in portraying America as the world's most dangerous "terrorist state."

Putin Speech to the FSB/KGB..............

The latest growlings from Russia's KGB-communist dictator, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, prove this point. On December 20, which is Chekist Day in Russia, Putin addressed a meeting of top security and intelligence officials. At this time he warned his colleagues in the Federal Security Service (FSB) that unnamed foreign enemies were still seeking to "destabilize" Russia, a theme that Putin raised at least four years ago after the FSB's provocation in Beslan, North Ossetia:

Any attempts to weaken or destabilise Russia, damage the country's interests and its citizens will be toughly suppressed. We are counting on your efforts to preempt the very possibility of carrying out terror acts in Russia, as well as on your active work in other priority directions too. These are countermeasures against corruption, organised crime, fighting narcotics aggression against the country's citizens. And also protection of economic security.

The primary unnamed enemy of Russia, of course, is the USA, which is perceived as the aggressor in view of Washington's new strategic parternships with "former" Soviet republics Ukraine and Georgia.

Ben Stein - "Spend Money to Save the Economy"

The left wing media is currently in massive overdrive to spread fear about an economy that is under attack by the Global Socialist Elite. They badly want things to look as horrible as possible, so the American idiots do not know that they were duped.

Do you really think the economy just happened to collapse 6 weeks before election day? Give me a break, but the average American is clueless to this fact. this was done to help Obama and hurt McCain and it worked like a charm.

So, The scam has to continue longer, so Bush can be blamed and then Obama will tax the American idiots into a communist state. You morons deserve to be slaves.

Mike Huckabee even stated that something fishy went on and that he was tipped off about this from a reliable inside source that he trusted. I think he was referring to Romney.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pro-Hamas Demonstration - Fort Lauderdale FL

This is shocking, we have lost the is time for an enema, get rid of the libs too. They are just as guilty for this mess....

Save This Republic Now - Support the Fight

We must spread the message of the Conservative movement in the USA, since the media has basically silenced us with their liberal bias. American traditions, God, Christianity and Israel are under constant assault and it is about time that WE do something about it.

Hamas Women Vow To Blow Themselves Up


Russian Professor Predicts Break Up of the USA

CNN failed to mention that this guy is a KGB analyst. The media is playing up the economic fear mongering, because it is their goal to aid Russia in destroying the USA.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Russia prepares to cut off Ukraine Gas Pipeline

2009 is going to be a hell of a year.......

Russia will cut off Ukraine's gas pipeline after talks between the countires failed in a move that threatens the supply to Europe.

Russia’s Gazprom monopoly announced that its engineers had begun preparations to turn off gas to Ukraine, claiming that Kiev had refused to sign a new contract.

Vladimir Putin, the Russian Prime Minister, could barely conceal his fury that Moscow was once again being made to appear in Western eyes as an unreliable energy supplier in the depth of winter. Reporting to President Medvedev, Mr Putin said that despite Russia’s offer of a below-market price for gas in 2009, Kiev had not only rebuffed Moscow but threatened to disrupt onward supplies to Western Europe.

According to Mr Putin, Ukraine had been offered a new price for gas of $250 per 1,000 cubic metres, a hike on the $179.5 it had been paying but significantly lower than the free market price of $418.

“Our Ukrainian partners have officially notified us that, in case no contract is signed on gas supplies for Ukraine itself, it will block the transit of our product to principal consumers in Western Europe,” Mr Putin said.

“We believe that this is an absolutely improper position both from the economic and from the legal point of view,” he said, adding that if transit agreements were breached, there would be “serious consequences” for Ukraine and “consumers in European Union countries”.

Throughout the day there we reports that Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, popularly known as the “gas princess”, was to head to Moscow in an attempt to reach a last-minute deal, but by evening her trip was cancelled, according to the Russian news agency Interfax, on the orders of Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko.

Dramatic Footage of Israeli Air Force Destroying Weapons Smuggling Tunnels

The Israeli Air Force destroys Hamas smuggling tunnels in Gaza as part of operation Cast Lead. Secondary explosions attest to the presence of weapons in the smuggling tunnels, and the houses in the vicinity reveal a willingness to use innocent Palestinians as human shields.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Congo Slaughter - 400 Catholics massacred on Christmas Day

The silence is deafening from the media. Just imagine if this were 400 Muslims killed??????????

(CNN) -- A Catholic aid organization operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the country's government have accused Uganda-based rebels of massacring 400 civilians during Christmas celebrations last week.

The United Nations peacekeeping force in Congo put the death toll at 189 and said the Lord's Resistance Army rebels also abducted 20 children.

Caritas International expressed its "shock" at the killing spree in northeastern Congo, blaming the rebels for attacking a Christmas day concert sponsored by the Catholic church in the town of Faradje. LRA rebels also burned down a church in another village, it said.

"The areas have been plundered, leaving the people in desperate need of aid," the organization said in a news release issued on Monday. "Caritas says that the number of dead bodies risk spreading disease."

Israeli Communists condemn attacks on Gaza


Spewing propaganda during wartime? TREASON.....ARREST THEM.

Once again this proves that I am right about my claims of the alliance between the Global Left wing socialist communists and the Islamo-Nazi movements.

The Communist Party of Israel and Hadash (the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality) condemned the deadly Dec. 27 attack by the Israeli Air Force on the Gaza Strip, which resulted in the killing of over 200 Palestinians.

In a statement issued the day of the massive airstrikes, the CPI called on communist and workers parties and social movements throughout the world to mobilize against what it termed “these Israeli war crimes” and called on the international community to “implement sanctions against Israel and indict Tzipi Livni, Ehud Barak and other Israeli political and military leadership for these blatant war crimes, committed as part of Israel's election process.”

The CPI said the attack on Gaza is part of the Israeli government’s ongoing siege of the Gaza Strip. “Israel is exploiting the last moments of the Bush administration to implement the deadly but ineffective imperialist policy of utilizing military force to effect political change,” the statement said.

It noted that demonstrations against the Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip were planned for Israel’s major cities, with demonstrations to be held that night in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Nazareth. The day before, hundreds of demonstrators attended a rally in central Tel Aviv to protest the expected Israeli military operation in response to Palestinian rocket attacks from Gaza. The rally was organized by the Coalition against the Gaza Siege and Hadash.

"I suggest that we go the other direction," said Hadash Knesset Member Dov Khenin, a leading member of the Communist Party of Israel. Israel’s power, he said, “is our tragedy. One powerful blow will not bring the end. [Hamas] will respond with rockets and eventually we'll embark on an all-out war. Going in the other direction means reinforcing the lull, securing a ceasefire, and lifting the siege that only serves to unite the population around Hamas.”

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Best O'Reilly Ambushes of 2008

The progressive scum in this video are among the lowest that we have in this country.

Kucinich: UN should investigate Israeli Gaza strikes

When is this traitor and his mentor Jimmy Carter going to be arrested?

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) called for an independent investigation to be led by the United Nations into the recent eruption of violence between Israel and Hamas along the Gaza strip that has killed scores of innocent civilians.

Monday brought a third day of Israeli bombing Gaza in what the state is calling its "all-out" war on Hamas. So far, 345 people have been killed by the bombs. At least 57 of the dead are civilians, including 21 children, according to the UN.

Kucinich said he wrote to UN General Secretary Ban ki-Moon urging an "independent inquiry of Israel's war against Gaza." The Democratic lawmaker said Israel's attacks are an example of "collective punishment," which violates the Geneva Conventions.

Senior Chinese, Russian military officials hold first-ever talks via direct phone link

BEIJING, Dec. 29 (Xinhua) -- Chen Bingde, chief of General Staff of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) of China and his Russian counterpart Nikolay Makarov held their first-ever conversation via direct phone link on Monday.

Both military leaders hailed the successful launch of the direct phone link.

Chen said the launch of the direct phone link between the two countries' chiefs of general staff is another important measure for deepening pragmatic cooperation between Chinese and Russian militaries and another showcase of the tow countries' mutual political trust and strategic cooperation.

The direct phone link will help the two sides maintain timely communication on significant issues such as the exchange and cooperation between the armies and exchange views and collaborate stances in time on international and regional affairs, so as to promote the exchange and cooperation between the two militaries, Chen added.

For his part, Makarov said the launch of the direct phone link once more showcased the high-level of the China-Russia strategic partnership and the two countries' military ties.

He expressed his willingness to work with the Chinese side to keep frequent exchanges on the two armies' cooperation and other important issues in order to push forward their military ties.

The two leaders also exchanged views on international and regional situation, bilateral relations, and other issues of common concern.

Israel Declares All Out War on Hamas

Maybe it would be a good idea for the Islamo-Nazi's to put away their little rocket toys?

Fisher Price Doll Says "Islam is the light"

What a disgrace, these liberals are out of their minds....

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hamas threatens to assassinate Livni, Barak


The time has come to end this bullshit.....LETS ROCK

Israel has to end this before Bush leaves and the Islamo-socialist Nazi Obama takes over...........

Hamas on Sunday threatened to respond to an ongoing Israel Defense Forces assault on the Gaza Strip by assassinating senior Israeli officials. Senior Hamas official Fatah Hamad specifically threatened Livni and Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

He also threatened that Hamas would go after senior Palestinian Authority officials in the West Bank, as well as "those in the Arab world who have conspired against us," - an apparent reference to Egypt.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas, however, said that Hamas could have prevented Israel's assault had it only agreed to extend the cease-fire, and he urged it to do so now.

The Bloody History of Communism

I have posted these video's before and I must say that they are my favorite of all time...a must see if you want to know the truth about communism that the scum on the left is hiding from the sheeple.

The left love to do movies on Hitler and fascism, but communism is never ever explored. Why? Because it is part of their disinformation campaign to confuse and distract the people about their socialist agenda and the death that it will bring.

The narrator of these documentaries is a Muslim and the danger that communism and communists post to Islam is something else that today's Muslim does not understand. After 'the left' is done using Muslims as their soldiers to destroy Christianity and Judaism; Islam will be targeted soon after.

Communism and atheists are the number one threat to the world today, not religion. The left is using their Marxist ideology to try and plant the seed that the world is divided, because of religion, but that is not the case. Atheism, Marxism and Darwinism is a religion to the left and they have cleverly disguised and
embedded it into today's science and sociology classes in almost every college in the world.