Saturday, September 27, 2008

Socialism Is Coming to America

In his classic 1932 book, Toward Soviet America, Communist Party boss William Z. Foster wrote about how “The United Soviet States of America” will come about. As a result of various capitalist crises, the national government would assume more and more control over the economy. “In finance,” he wrote, “it will mean the nationalization of the banking system and its concentration around a central State bank…” Foster is dead, but the Wall Street financial “bail-out” plan offered by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, in coordination with the Federal Reserve, will bring about a socialist America.

It would be an exaggeration to say that we are getting close to anything resembling the Soviet system. But it is also a big mistake to call this a “bailout.” It is socialism. Why are so many in the media afraid of using this term?

Over at Political Affairs Magazine, a publication of the Communist Party USA, writer John Case is gloating. His article about the crisis is headlined, “A Dose of Socialism to Forestall Disaster.” He thinks that Paulson and Federal Reserve Board chairman Ben Bernanke have been reading the works of closet Marxists.

But none of this is secret. At a time when many pieces of legislation before Congress take up thousands of pages and do their best to hide pork barrel spending, Paulson’s three-page plan for Wall Street socialism is straightforward and simple. If passed by Congress, Paulson would assume the dictatorial power and authority to designate financial institutions “as financial agents of the Government” and order them to perform “all such reasonable duties related to this Act as financial agents of the Government as may be required of them…”

The bill gives Paulson automatic access to $700 billion and raises the limit on the public debt to $11.3 trillion. He gets the power to issue regulations, hire people, establish various financial “vehicles,” and take other “necessary actions.”

Conservative Senator Jim Bunning is brutally honest, saying that “…the free market for all intents and purposes is dead in America.” He said Paulson’s plan “will take away the free market and institute socialism in America. The American taxpayer has been misled throughout this economic crisis. The government on all fronts has failed the American people miserably.”

“After reviewing the Administration’s proposed bailout plan, I believe it is completely unacceptable,” said conservative Senator Jim DeMint. “This plan does nothing to address the misguided government policies that created this mess and it could make matters much worse by socializing an entire sector of the U.S. economy. This plan fails to oversee or regulate the government failures that led to this crisis. Instead it greatly increases the role for Secretary Paulson whose market predictions have been consistently wrong in the last year…”

Every newspaper in America should print a copy of his plan. Every news anchor and commentator should read it out loud to the American people. The American people have a right to know that President Bush and Congress are officially creating a socialist America.

Over at the “conservative” Fox News Channel, however, some commentators think this is just great. “I love it,” Fred Barnes of the “conservative” Weekly Standard said of the temporary market rise in response to the anticipated Paulson plan. “Look,” Barnes said, “when I keep hearing this is going to cost a trillion dollars, and so on, it may not cost anything.” The U.S. may “come out ahead” in the long run, he confidently predicted. He praised Paulson and Bernanke for acting “boldly.”

Another “conservative,” Charles Krauthammer, was almost giddy. “It took FDR a decade to put in place all the institutions of the New Deal,” he commented. “Paulson and Bernanke did it in ten hours. I mean, in one night, they created a whole new world.”

However, on the September 21 edition of Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace pointed out that Paulson has already been caught making reassuring but false statements about the crisis. In March, also on Fox News Sunday, Wallace had asked him, “Are more Wall Street firms in danger, at risk, of going under? Paulson replied, “I’ve got great confidence in our financial market, our financial institutions. Our markets are resilient. They’re flexible. Our institutions, our banks and investment banks, are strong.”

And this is the guy being entrusted with virtual dictatorial power over Wall Street? Rather than praise him for his intellect and ability, why aren’t Barnes and Krauthammer demanding that Bush fire him?

The liberal media are, of course, also trying to keep the American people in the dark about what is happening. The Washington Post deceptively calls it a “rescue plan.”

The “debate” taking place in Washington and the media is being carefully controlled. The Republican Bush Administration supports the plan and Congressional Democrats want to take it further. The Democrats want even more federal involvement in the firms that are being acquired. In other words, it is a question of how much socialism they want. The Democrats want more socialism; the Bush Republicans want slightly less. But it is still socialism.

There is a bipartisan note: both sides agree that there should be a new government board assigned to monitor America’s transition into a socialist economy.


McCain's Knowledge of Russia

McCain made Obama seem like a college kid, amateur when they started talking about my favorite topic Russia during the debate last night. I was no huge fan of McCain when this race started, but he is light years better than this radical left winger OBAMA.

They started talking about Russia 1 hour and 20 minutes into the debate...

I feel McCain lied about the risk of another 9/11 happening in the continental USA. He knows damn well that we are in grave danger and that danger is also coming from RUSSIAN KGB and Special Forces that are CELLS here already. I guess he knows the average American moron can not handle the truth and I agree with him there.

Murtha Sued Over Haditha Remarks

Murtha is a turncoat and a traitor, he has aided the enemy during war time on numerous occasions and he should be arrested...PERIOD

In May 2006, six months after 24 people were killed in a small Iraqi town, U.S. Rep. John Murtha made a startling accusation.

American soldiers, he contended, had killed innocent civilians “in cold blood.”

Now, less than six weeks before the longtime Johnstown Democrat is up for re-election, a Marine involved in the now-infamous Haditha incident is suing Murtha for slander.

Justin Sharratt of Canonsburg, Washington County, left the Marine Corps last year. But he claims Murtha’s statements have caused “permanent, irreversible damage to his reputation.”

“What Murtha did is outrageous, and I am seeking punitive damages,” said Noah Geary, a Pittsburgh attorney representing Sharratt.

The lawsuit was filed Thursday in federal court in Pittsburgh.

It includes Murtha’s statements from nationally televised interviews in 2006, including an exchange during a CNN interview with anchor Wolf Blitzer.

“There was an (improvised explosive device) attack, it killed one Marine, and then they overreacted and killed a number of civilians without anybody firing at them,” Murtha told Blitzer.

“That’s what you’re going to find out.”

At this point, though, seven of the eight servicemen charged in the incident have been cleared.

Geary said Sharratt was charged with three counts of unpremeditated murder but later was exonerated.

Sharratt, 24, was honorably discharged from the Marines, Geary said.

The lawsuit claims Murtha violated Sharratt’s constitutional rights to presumption of innocence and due process of law.

While Geary acknowledged that the congressman never mentioned his client by name, he said media reports did identify Sharratt. And the effects have been long-lasting, the attorney said.

“People see that on TV,” Geary said. “It becomes truth – it becomes a fact.”

He added that “Justin has had people approach him, giving him a hard time” in reference to Haditha.

And the suit says Sharratt has lost “significant employment opportunities” and “significant associational opportunities.”

Murtha, through a spokesman, offered no comment Thursday.

But when a different Haditha Marine filed a lawsuit against him in 2006, Murtha said he simply wanted to focus attention on troops who were “caught in the middle of a tragic dilemma” in war-torn Iraq.

“When I spoke up about Haditha, my intention was to draw attention to the horrendous pressure put on our troops in Iraq and to the cover-up of the incident,” Murtha said at the time.

The 2006 lawsuit is ongoing.

It was filed by Frank D. Wuterich, the only Marine not yet cleared in the Haditha incident.

Wuterich has pleaded not guilty to voluntary manslaughter charges, The Associated Press reported.

Haditha has become a political issue in western Pennsylvania.

Diana Irey, a Republican Washington County commissioner, often spoke of the Haditha Marines during her unsuccessful 2006 campaign against Murtha.

Republican William Russell, challenging Murtha this year, has resurrected the theme.

In fact, Russell’s campaign Web site features a “personal video message” from Justin Sharratt’s father, Darryl. And Russell’s only television ad has focused on Murtha’s Haditha comments.

Geary denied that Sharratt’s lawsuit is connected in any way to the Russell campaign.

Instead, he said, the legal action must be filed now because a statute of limitations for slander lawsuits is about to expire.

“There’s no political motivation whatsoever,” Geary said. “This is purely a legal endeavor.”

Nevertheless, Russell issued a statement on Sharratt’s lawsuit Thursday.

“I sincerely hope that Congressman Murtha will use this opportunity to admit his mistake and take responsibility for the harm his false accusations have done to Justin Sharratt and his family,” Russell said.

“Justin’s right to justice goes beyond politics.”

Prosecutors in Missouri - Lie About Obama and GO TO JAIL

If someone lies about me or you do they go to jail too? NOPE, only for the Messiah and his loyal Kool Aid drinkers. These so called prosecutors need to be arrested themselves ASAP. Do you people remember me always talking about LIBERAL FASCISM? Well, take a good look at it, because here it is live and IN COLOR.

No Obama pun intended :)

My buddy Texasbail alerted me to this one....

Friday, September 26, 2008

Progressives for Obama - Clearing the Path to SOCIALISM

The goal of socialism is communism - Vladimir Lenin

Nice site fellas, I think everyone will enjoy it :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Syria masses 10,000 commandos on border to invade N. Lebanon

Damascus is pressing forward with its plan to occupy Greater Tripoli, Lebanon’s second largest city and port, DEBKAfile's military sources report. To this end, 10,000 Syrian commando troops have massed at Abboudieh on the Lebanese border ready to follow an advance force which occupied seven villages around the northern city earlier this month, as first disclosed by DEBKAfile on Sept. 20. To read the article click HERE.

A Lebanese army spokesman first denied the concentration while the mainstream Israeli media ran the official denial without checking the story out.

However, when witnesses said the boosted Syrian deployment was visible from the Lebanese side of the border Tuesday, Sept. 23, the spokesman issued a new statement. He said Beirut had asked Damascus for clarifications and was told the measure was “internal and in no way directed against Lebanon.” This left the deployment with the option of striking at anti-Syrian militias operating outside the Lebanese army in the Tripoli region.

Damascus stressed the move was linked to a crackdown against smugglers (sic).

In yet another “clarification,” the measure was linked to digging new wells along the Syrian-Lebanese border.

These various “clarifications” are so implausible that Damascus is obviously unconcerned about any serious challenge to its sudden build-up of a 10,000-strong special forces deployment.

This sort of strength, say DEBKAfile’s military sources, is deployed for war operations, not anti-smuggling policing.

Tuesday, unofficial Lebanese sources confirmed that Syrian commandos had occupied Wadi al-Ashaer, a village in the Rashaya district in the North.

Our sources add that this is only one of the seven villages captured by an advance Syrian force in northern Lebanon last week, after which Damascus advised Washington and Paris not to interfere. It is now engaged in building fortifications and paving military road links for the main body of special forces to move in.

Syrian occupation of northern Lebanon will make profound inroads on the strategic position of the United States and Israel in this part of the Middle East, yet Washington and Jerusalem are turning a blind eye.

Gore urges civil disobedience to stop coal plants

This man needs to be arrested immediately. With all of the problems we are facing? This is his big concern?


Gore is weakening the USA by targeting the energy that makes this country RUN. He is a saboteur and a commie plant.....

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Nobel Peace Prize winner and environmental crusader Al Gore urged young people on Wednesday to engage in civil disobedience to stop the construction of coal plants without the ability to store carbon.

The former U.S. vice president, whose climate change documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" won an Academy Award, told a philanthropic meeting in New York City that "the world has lost ground to the climate crisis."

"If you're a young person looking at the future of this planet and looking at what is being done right now, and not done, I believe we have reached the stage where it is time for civil disobedience to prevent the construction of new coal plants that do not have carbon capture and sequestration," Gore told the Clinton Global Initiative gathering to loud applause.

"I believe for a carbon company to spend money convincing the stock-buying public that the risk from the global climate crisis is not that great represents a form of stock fraud because they are misrepresenting a material fact," he said. "I hope these state attorney generals around the country will take some action on that."

The government says about 28 coal plants are under construction in the United States. Another 20 projects have permits or are near the start of construction.

Scientists say carbon gases from burning fossil fuel for power and transport are a key factor in global warming.

Carbon capture and storage could give coal power an extended lease on life by keeping power plants' greenhouse gas emissions out of the atmosphere and easing climate change.

But no commercial-scale project exists anywhere to demonstrate the technology, partly because it is expected to increase up-front capital costs by an additional 50 percent.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Russia in Caribbean Raises Fears of War With U.S.

As one of Russia's nuclear-powered warships heads toward the Caribbean for military maneuvers with Venezuela, the suddenly resurgent country is raising fears of a future war with the United States.

The seizure of territories in the republic of Georgia last month seems to be only the first stage in a planned projection of military strength around the globe, say military experts.

The military exercises, which Venezuela President Hugo Chavez announced only two weeks ago, has U.S. officials and others dusting off old Cold War strategies involving threats from Cuba, Mexico and South America that many thought were no longer valid.

“The Georgian war in August was simply the first effort by a resurging Russia to pulse out, expand its security buffer and, ideally, in the Kremlin’s plans, break out of the post-Cold War noose that other powers have tied,” writes Peter Zeihan at, a defense analysis Web site.

Zeihan goes on to predict that Russia will continue to behave much as the Soviet Union did, forging bonds with hostile Latin American governments like Cuba and Venezuela, while working with drug mafias to destabilize Mexico. That will keep the United States busy in its own backyard while Russia can gain footholds throughout Europe.

The nuclear-powered flagship Peter the Great set off for Venezuela Monday with the submarine destroyer Admiral Chabanenko and two support vessels in the first Russian naval mission in Latin America since the end of the Cold War. In November, they are to be joined by a unit of Russian long-range anti-submarine patrol aircraft that will be temporarily stationed at one of Venezuela's air bases.


McCain Looking for Callers to Reach Voters

Last week, our campaign launched a grassroots effort to put you in touch with voters all across the country through our online phone bank.

Make CallsThe polls all show this election is in a dead heat, and we expect the polls to stay close until Election Day. That's why it's so important for you to get involved today. This election will be won by turning out key voters all over the country. You can help the McCain-Palin campaign win by taking 30 minutes out of your evening to make 20 calls for John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Follow this link to make calls:

The Obama-Biden campaign has hired hundreds of paid staff and is spending millions of dollars bombarding undecided voters with advertisements filled with negative, misleading and false information about John McCain and Governor Palin. We need your help to combat this and get the truth out to these voters. You are the most effective surrogate we have in this campaign. By reaching out to undecided voters, one by one, you are taking a crucial step towards our victory.

Today, we are only six weeks away from Election Day and we need your help right now. In such a close election, taking 30 minutes to make 20 calls for John McCain and Governor Palin can make the difference.

Follow this link to make calls:

As always, I appreciate your hard work and dedication to our team!

Christian Ferry
Christian Ferry
Deputy Campaign Manager

P.S. John McCain and Governor Palin are ready to lead our country and ready to challenge the status quo. Please do your part to elect the McCain-Palin ticket in November by making calls today through our online phone bank. The work you are doing today will make a big difference on Election Day. Thank you.

5th Grader Suspended For Anti-Obama Shirt

AURORA ( - An 11-year-old in Aurora says his first amendment rights are being trampled after he was suspended for wearing a homemade shirt that reads "Obama is a terrorist's best friend."

Monday, September 22, 2008

Larry Sinclair - Shocking Press Conference on Obama, Drugs and Gay Sex

Former CIA Agent Commends Bush on Preventing Attacks

The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism.” - Karl Marx

I said this to a friend last week and I said it on my page the other day. I feel that this will happen, because they want to have the same effect on our election as they did in Spain.

The people in Spain got scared and they voted for the SOCIALIST CANDIDATE. This war is about the spread of SOCIALISM, they are just using Islam as a distraction. I have said this a million times.

I would not be shocked if this happened to scare the people away from McCain. The terrorists (Backed by the Kremlin) will release propaganda that if the American people vote for another warmongering Republican, you and your children will meet a bloody fate.

I would not be shocked if a school or children get attacked this time, just like Beslan.

I have a clip of a former CIA agent on FOX talking about this possible attack and he also mentioned Spain.

Oil Jumps $25 a Barrel

I have heard so many excuses by the socialists in the media as to why the oil is going up. They claimed it was the weak dollar, then they claimed unrest in Nigeria, China and India's thirst and there were many more excuses that I do not even care to get into, because they are all lies.

When oil went down the excuses disappeared, so I guess all of these factors changed? No they did not change.

Russia invaded Georgia and the oil prices still kept lowering. Was it Putin's goal to attack Georgia, so the oil prices would go higher to help boost their profit margin? Russia is the #2 oil exporter in the world and once again this is kept quiet by the socialist media, because they want Americans to think Russia is still poor, weak and no threat. Nothing could be further from the truth you morons.

Russia and OPEC are manipulating the oil price to destroy our economy, this is a no brainer, but when Bush announced that he would push for the USA to start drilling off shore, the Arabs panicked and the price of oil plummeted soon after, along with the Russian stock market.

So what happened today? Well, last week the traitors in the American congress put forward a bill to drill for oil that will NEVER pass due to the strict guidelines that the socialist congress embedded inside. Here is the link

So, now that the communist vermin in Congress have betrayed us once again, our enemies are laughing at how easily we are being destroyed FROM WITHIN.

Nazi Pelosi should be arrested immediately, along with all of her cohorts that put together this bill to make us even more dependent on foreign oil. This also strengthens terrorist nations like Russia, Iran, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia.

When will we have the guts to start arresting treasonous politicians? Our fate is at stake here and time is running out....

This oil hike is already being blamed on the "unstable financial markets", well I do not believe it one bit. Why? Well again like I mentioned above, Russia attacked and invaded Georgia and that raised the price of oil $4 in one day and then that went right back down.

DO NOT believe everything you hear in the media, because it is under control of the socialist enemy. The news unfortunately needs to be dissected so you can find the hidden truth.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Video of Alleged Canadian Terror Camp

The release of an alleged terrorist training camp video that's tied to a group accused of plotting attacks on Canadian soil is "very concerning" given the timing of its appearance on the Internet, a lawyer for one of the accused said today.

A verdict is expected next Thursday in the case of the first person to go to trial following the arrest of the so-called ``Toronto 18" two years ago, and lawyer Mitchell Chernovsky said the public is seeing "provocative" images connected to the case without the proper context.

Jews For Palin

Pelosi Still Obstructs Drilling for Oil with Lame Bill

Nancy Pelosi should be arrested for treason.

Czechoslovak General Jan Sejna

Also, what is extremely important sign of serious KGB penetration of the U.S. Congress and Government is the fact that the Democrats, who in reality follow communist ideology, blocked and hampered in any possible and impossible way any type of America's oil and related energy resources production, including blocking the drilling for oil in Alaska and offshore the U.S. coast.

This again shows the clear Russian strategic war-time plan to prevent the enemy, the United States, to beforehand have substantial oil and energy war-time reserves......and the Democrats in power have helped to achieve this evil ......

Czechoslovak General Jan Sejna, defected to USA in February 1968. Sejna was allegedly poisoned in 1997, because he testified in front of Representative Bob Dornan's U.S. Congressional Committee on U.S. POWs.