Monday, September 22, 2008

Oil Jumps $25 a Barrel

I have heard so many excuses by the socialists in the media as to why the oil is going up. They claimed it was the weak dollar, then they claimed unrest in Nigeria, China and India's thirst and there were many more excuses that I do not even care to get into, because they are all lies.

When oil went down the excuses disappeared, so I guess all of these factors changed? No they did not change.

Russia invaded Georgia and the oil prices still kept lowering. Was it Putin's goal to attack Georgia, so the oil prices would go higher to help boost their profit margin? Russia is the #2 oil exporter in the world and once again this is kept quiet by the socialist media, because they want Americans to think Russia is still poor, weak and no threat. Nothing could be further from the truth you morons.

Russia and OPEC are manipulating the oil price to destroy our economy, this is a no brainer, but when Bush announced that he would push for the USA to start drilling off shore, the Arabs panicked and the price of oil plummeted soon after, along with the Russian stock market.

So what happened today? Well, last week the traitors in the American congress put forward a bill to drill for oil that will NEVER pass due to the strict guidelines that the socialist congress embedded inside. Here is the link

So, now that the communist vermin in Congress have betrayed us once again, our enemies are laughing at how easily we are being destroyed FROM WITHIN.

Nazi Pelosi should be arrested immediately, along with all of her cohorts that put together this bill to make us even more dependent on foreign oil. This also strengthens terrorist nations like Russia, Iran, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia.

When will we have the guts to start arresting treasonous politicians? Our fate is at stake here and time is running out....

This oil hike is already being blamed on the "unstable financial markets", well I do not believe it one bit. Why? Well again like I mentioned above, Russia attacked and invaded Georgia and that raised the price of oil $4 in one day and then that went right back down.

DO NOT believe everything you hear in the media, because it is under control of the socialist enemy. The news unfortunately needs to be dissected so you can find the hidden truth.

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  1. Czechoslovak General Jan Sejna

    Also, what is extremely important sign of serious KGB penetration of the U.S. Congress and Government is the fact that the Democrats, who in reality follow communist ideology, blocked and hampered in any possible and impossible way any type of America's oil and related energy resources production, including blocking the drilling for oil in Alaska and offshore the U.S. coast.

    This again shows the clear Russian strategic war-time plan to prevent the enemy, the United States, to beforehand have substantial oil and energy war-time reserves......and the Democrats in power have helped to achieve this evil ......

    Czechoslovak General Jan Sejna, defected to USA in February 1968. Sejna was poisoned in 1997, because he testified in front of Representative Bob Dornan's U.S. Congressional Committee on U.S. POWs.

    The main strategic purpose of Phase Three, 'The Period of Dynamic Social Change', was in the words of the Soviet directive, "to smash the hope of false democracy" and bring about the total de-moralization of the West. Our relationship with the United States would be the vital element in this phase.


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