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CNIN Beats Bloomberg on You Tube Last Week - 02/28/09

Week Ending - 02/28/09

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Obama's "Hollywood diplomacy" launches dialogue with Tehran

The Hollywood scum should be boycotted due to their tireless efforts to undermine Capitalism, Israel, the USA and Democracy. This is why the Oscars last week was the 3rd lowest rated in history. The American people are waking up and they are turning their backs on the vile Hollywood, left wing scum that are trying to brainwash your kids.

Thirty-eight years ago, a ping pong team sent by US president Richard Nixon to Beijing opened the door to Communist China. February 27, 2009, president Barack Obama launched his bid for dialogue with Iran with an Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences delegation from Hollywood. It is led by the actress Annette Bening, AMPAS president Sid Ganis and his predecessor Frank Pierson who flew in just after the Oscar award ceremony. Visiting in the framework of "US-Iranian culture exchanges," they will hold talks in Tehran Saturday and Sunday.

DEBKAfile's Washington sources note that this visit coincides with three relevant events:

1. Friday, Obama announce that the bulk of US forces will be out of Iraq by Aug. 2010 leaving only 50,000 in place. This meets Tehran's objections to the presence of large-scale US forces in Iraq.

2. He calmed Iran's fears on another score when he stated in a PBS interview: "One of the things that I think we have to communicate in Afghanistan is that we have no interest or aspiration to be there over the long term."

3. The US president had his reply from Tehran in the former Iranian president Akbar Hashemi Rasanjani's Friday sermon, when he extended his government's first overt invitation for talks on the nuclear issue: "…we don't make false promises," said the Iranian strongman. "Therefore I declare that Iran's nuclear plan is not to build weapons …and we are ready to prove it in negotiations."

Friday, February 27, 2009

Pelosi Agrees to Investigate Bush Administration for Crimes

This is for the Bush conspiracy loons that are still hiding in their basements waiting for Bush and Cheney to drag them into a FEMA CAMP. I guess someone forgot to tell Pelosi that Bush and her were on the same team?

THE LEFT hates anyone with an (R) next to their name. They also hate anyone that is a Christian white male. We are in the middle of a Marxist revolution and Bush WAS their enemy, not their accomplice. Unless of course this is just a clever way of throwing us off the scent.

For the past 5 years, I heard over and over Bush the Neo-con fascist is taking over the world and throwing us in FEMA CAMPS. Well, it did not happen and you were ALL WRONG. Bush is retired and if he was running the show, he would have never left in the first place. TAKE SOME MEDS for your paranoia already....

Why am I even wasting my time?

Military Joining The American Resistance To Protect The Constitution


Russian bomber neared Canada before Obama visit

I guess this is Bush's fault also? I do not think Putin is a "believer" in your Messiah.

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canadian fighters scrambled to intercept an approaching Russian bomber less than 24 hours before U.S. President Barack Obama's visit to Ottawa last week, Canadian Defense Minister Peter MacKay said on Friday.

The Bear bomber did not enter Canada's air space but the Canadian fighters had to tell the plane to turn back, MacKay told a news conference.

Major General says president's eligibility needs proof

This is going to get very interesting....


Thank God for Worldnetdaily and this brave General, they are true patriots.

On the heels of two active duty members of the U.S. military serving in Iraq calling for President Obama to prove his eligibility to be president, a retired major general has agreed to join the case, saying he just wants "the truth."

WND reported earlier when 1st Lt. Scott Easterling confirmed to California attorney Orly Taitz that he wanted to be a plaintiff in the legal action she is preparing on behalf of members of the U.S. military, both active and retired. A second soldier who asked that his name be withheld for now became part of the action just a day later.

Now retired Maj. Gen. Carroll D. Childers has submitted a statement to Taitz and her website, agreeing to be a plaintiff in her pending action.

"I agree to be a plaintiff in the legal action to be filed by Orly Taitz, Esq. in a petition for a declaratory judgement (sic) that Barack Hussein Obama is not qualified to be president of the U.S., nor to be commander in chief of the U.S. armed forces, in that I am or was a sworn member of the U.S. military (subject to recall)," he wrote.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jewish Leaders Blast Clinton Over Israel Criticism

"I liked her a lot more as a senator from New York," Assemblyman Dov Hikind, D-Brooklyn, said. "Now, I wonder as I used to wonder who the real Hillary Clinton is."

Is this guy kidding me? These liberal Jews are not only delusional, they are in for a rude awakening, because these assholes voted in their worst nightmare. Obama is going to hand Israel over to Iran and Saudi is over.

I got news for you DOV; the Democrat party is really the National Socialist Party you retard. Go read a history book and look up Hitler and see what party he belonged to...genius.

My neighbor almost died in a concentration camp and he was a life long Democrat since he came to the USA. You had to see his face when I told him 6 months ago that the Democrat party is now under control of the Socialist movement. He was stunned, but he knew that I was correct.

HE KNOWS WHAT FASCISM LOOKS LIKE, it almost killed him.

He also said that the Russian communists were worse than the German Nazi's. He said that there is no doubt in his mind that the communists would have killed him if the USA did not liberate his camp that day.

So much for the BS propaganda that communism is just like Capitalism.

Clinton's decision to hammer Israel comes as the Clintons and President Barack Obama are planning to give the Palestinians $900 million toward the rebuilding of Gaza in the wake of the Israeli offensive that was sparked by Hamas rocket fire.

Gun Store Owner - They Can't Make Guns Fast Enough

This is what happens when people fear their own government. People are waking up to the danger....

Michael Savage on Obama and Fascism

New York City Tea Party

Saturday, February 28, 2009
2:00pm - 3:00pm
New York City
City Hall Park
New York, NY

Obama's Budget: Almost $1 Trillion in New Taxes Over Next 10 yrs, Starting 2011

President Obama's budget proposes $989 billion in new taxes over the course of the next 10 years, starting fiscal year 2011, most of which are tax increases on individuals.

1) On people making more than $250,000.

$338 billion - Bush tax cuts expire
$179 billlion - eliminate itemized deduction
$118 billion - capital gains tax hike

Total: $636 billion/10 years


ALERT - Obama to Seek New Assault Weapons Ban

Gain control of the economy and put fear into the minds of the masses? What is next? Guns and free speech of course. Hey, I think Hitler did this as well? Oh, do not mind me, I am just thinking out loud about our new socialist dictator :)

Hey Barry, we know that you are busy conquering us, but please try to get that birth certificate to us when you get a chance. Thanks bro...

The Obama administration will seek to reinstate the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004 during the Bush administration, Attorney General Eric Holder said today.

Michelle Malkin Compares Joe Biden to Bozo the Clown

I love this girl lol...the Fox anchors seemed very uncomfortable with that response.

Just imagine if Bush made this mistake? The socialist media would have been all over it, but not for Biden; they are hiding it.....

Napolitano Avoids Mentioning 'Terrorism' in Remarks to Congress

So, does this mean the war on terror is over, because we voted for a socialist as president? Al Qaeda gained much strength under Clinton, just in time for a Republican to come in and then 9/11 happened. Is this a sign to the American people that if you vote (R), you will pay dearly for it.

Flashback to the terror attacks on Spain in 2004. It was a warning to the people of Spain that they better vote for the socialist or more attacks will follow and the people obeyed that demand out of fear.

This Napolitano is a real piece of work, now you know why Phoenix, Arizona has degraded into the kidnapping capital of the USA. These liberals are placing the American people in danger by allowing dangerous illegal aliens to roam around in gangs, robbing people and murdering. They also like to prey on their fellow illegal aliens, because they are less likely to call the police.

The words illegal alien, terrorist and war on terror are banned due to the political correct atmosphere that we are being paralyzed with and it is placing the American people in grave danger.

Napolitano's prepared remarks also show her using the word "attacks" less than her predecessors. She is the first secretary to use a congressional debut to talk about hurricanes and disasters, a sign of the department's evolving mission following Hurricane Katrina.
Napolitano is not alone in her departure from terror talk.

So, the weather is our enemy now? Will this be seen as the next step into bringing the people into world government? Will HAARP be used to change the weather and use it as a weapon against our own people, to place them in fear?

Weather engineering is very real. China and Russia both have admitted that they have the capibility to alter weather patterns by using electromagnetic waves and fields. China even boasted that they changed the weather during the summer Olympics last year to prevent rain and move smog. So, this is no conspiracy theory, you can search in my archives for HAARP or Scalar weapons for further info.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fox Business Analyst - "Obama Declaring War on Wall Street"

It is Obama's goal to create as much daily fear as possible so it is much easier to pass these bogus spending bills. Fear equals more power over the people. If the people lose their retirement nest eggs in the stock market, they will be more submissive and less resistant when it is time to accept socialism.

No Earmarks in the Stimulus Bill? Watch This...

The hypocrisy of this administration and the media is a disgrace. Good thing FOX has the guts to report what the socialist media outlets refuse to talk about. Now you know why these filthy commies hate FOX so much, their agenda is being EXPOSED.

Fox is still too moderate for me and the rest of the conservatives, but we have to take what we can these days.

Byrd: Obama in power grab

Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.), the longest-serving Democratic senator, is criticizing President Obama’s appointment of White House “czars” to oversee federal policy, saying these executive positions amount to a power grab by the executive branch.

In a letter to Obama on Wednesday, Byrd complained about Obama’s decision to create White House offices on health reform, urban affairs policy, and energy and climate change. Byrd said such positions “can threaten the Constitutional system of checks and balances. At the worst, White House staff have taken direction and control of programmatic areas that are the statutory responsibility of Senate-confirmed officials.”

Michael Savage - "CNN Trying to Cover Up Obama Birth Certificate Controversy"

CNN's reporting is right out of the Soviet Union. Here they are trying to cover up a legitimate concern for many millions of people that want to know the truth about Obama and WHY he is avoiding this issue totally.

The entire world knows that Obama was born in Kenya and they are laughing at us. The brainwashed fools that voted for this guy have no clue about this story and the numerous lawsuits filed.

From a Man That Escaped Socialism in Cuba

Anyone else that would like to share their story, please feel free to add it to this post. Thank you...

Holy cow, you bet people around here don't know what is coming, really. - I was born and raised within a communist dictatorship and unfortunately lived there for nearly 30 years until my family and I could finally make it out of Hell.....and I am very strongly smelling Socialism coming, and once that crap would ever come here, so much for freedom of anything, go on ration on everything, a totalitarian fully 100% control of the government, NO private property, work as a slave, say what I want you to say, 100% control of the Press...imprisonment 30 years for speaking out....and more.

No, you don't want Socialism come to America, believe me. The least this country would ever need is that crap, I have been there, I felt it there. - I would prefer to be the rest of my life in Hell.......than going back one single day to that "Heaven" that commies try to tell people Communism is all about.

You don't know what you have (freedom) until you lose it, don't let it go...ever !

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Long Lines and Less Cashiers Already?

I am noticing less cashiers and much longer lines already at my local supermarket. Also, they keep announcing that they are lowering the lights to protect the environment.


Will we have 10 people lined up for 5 salami's just like Michael Savage always talks about?
They are turning US into the Soviet Union more and more everyday.

People are spending money even throughout all of this economic fear mongering by Obama and his minions. Restaurants and malls are still crowded
, but I am sure they would love for that to cease...NEXT.

Soldier doubts eligibility, defies president's orders

H/T to my buddy Alaskanman on Multiply for this one.

A lot of soldiers and veterans are filing these lawsuits. I have been talking about it since the Messiah got elected.

The media is clearly worried about this, that is why they are keeping it so quiet. They do not want he Messiah's legacy to go down in flames. It took them years to clean up SLICK WILLIES REP...

A U.S. soldier on active duty in Iraq has called President Obama an "impostor" in a statement in which he affirmed plans to join as plaintiff in a challenge to Obama's eligibility to be commander in chief.

The statement was publicized by California attorney Orly Taitz who, along with her Defend Our Freedom Foundation, is working on a series of legal cases seeking to uncover Obama's birth records and other documents that would reveal whether he meets the requirements of the U.S. Constitution.

"As an active-duty officer in the United States Army, I have grave concerns about the constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to hold the office of president of the United States," wrote Scott Easterling in a "to-whom-it-may-concern" letter.


Michael Savage - The Link Between Geithner, Kissinger and SOROS

This is why the Michael Savage show is so important and it is hated by the left wing scumbags. Now you know why, because he is exposing their WORLD SOCIALIST AGENDA.

The economy is under attack on purpose and the reason is they want to break it so they can remold it into an International money system, One World Government.

Well, what we are seeing is ECONOMIC SABOTAGE, but nobody has the balls to say it.


Welcome to the is coming FAST

Tue Feb 24 2009 08:36:39 ET

Media barron Rupert Murdoch issued an urgent internal communication late Monday, warning his staff: "We are in the midst of a phase of history in which nations will be redefined and their futures fundamentally altered."


The dramatic call comes as markets continue their plunge and the future of the media becomes increasingly muddled.

"Many people will be under extreme pressure and many companies mortally wounded," Murdoch declares.

"Our competitors will be sorely tempted to take the easy beat, to reduce quality in the search for immediate dividends."

He continued: "Let me be very clear about our company: where others might step back from their commitment to their viewers, their users, readers and customers – we will renew ours.

"The direction of the business now and over the next few years will define the character of our company for decades."


A Tribute to Walter Payton

This man was an inspiration to not only me, but many other football fans. You did not have to be a Chicago Bears fan to appreciate the heart and class that Walter Payton displayed on and off the field. He was a true leader and never once did any one of his teammates have a bad word to say about this man.

His strength and spirit lives on in this video...

This post is dedicated to the Great Walter Payton...

Jewish Oligarch wants to Overthrow Russian President Putin?

This is interesting propaganda that someone sent to me. This video is claiming that Israel and a "Jewish Oligarch" wants to undermine and overthrow Putin, because he is assisting Iran with their nuclear plant. Notice in the video how they label Berezovsky as a "Jew"?

The Nazi socialist movement is alive and it is embedded inside the world socialist movement that we are seeing today. The Jewish liberals that support this movement are really digging their own graves and the grave of Israel and the USA.

Yemeni president arrives in Moscow

So now you can add Yemen to the long list of Muslim terrorist nations that are linked to BOTH Al Qaeda and Moscow. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what is going on here...or does it?

The long reaching tentacles of terrorism? Are they coming from Moscow? I think so and so did Alexander Litvinenko.

In reply to this question I can definitely say that the center of global terrorism is not in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan or the Chechen Republic. The terrorist infection is spread worldwide from Lubyanka Square and the Kremlin cabinet - A. Litvinenko (Former KGB agent that was poisoned in England).

MOSCOW, February 24 (RIA Novosti) - Yemeni President Ali Abdallah Salah arrived in Moscow on Tuesday for an official visit to discuss bilateral cooperation as well as trade and military ties.

Salah will meet with President Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov during the visit, which ends on Thursday.

Yemeni Ambassador to Russia Mohammed al-Hilali told RIA Novosti last week that investment opportunities in Yemen would be discussed with Russian companies working in the oil and gas sector.

The ambassador also said Yemen supported Russia's aims in convening a Middle East peace conference in Moscow later this year, saying that "Yemen's position on the Middle East fully coincides with the position of our Russian friends."

Yemen's finance minister, Numan al-Suhaibi, was in Russia last week to meet with his Russian counterpart, Alexei Kudrin. The ambassador said they discussed the possibility of writing off Yemen's debt to Russia, adding that the "Russian side promised to look into the issue and if possible would give a positive answer."

This is the fifth official visit of a Yemeni president to Russia, and the first since 2004. After Russia, the Yemeni leader is expected to visit Tajikistan and Indonesia.

Moscow and Sanaa signed their first friendship agreement on trade in 1928 and set up diplomatic ties in 1955.

Monday, February 23, 2009

CNIN Radio Show - "Ode to the Marxist Messiah"

This was a clever little rant if I must say so myself :)

CNIN Radio Show - Monday 02/23/09 3:30 pm EST

CNIN Radio Show - Monday 02/23/09 3:30 pm EST

MUST SEE - Fox Anchor Rips Into ACORN Spokeswoman

British jobs to be supported by American taxpayer


American taxpayers could soon own 40 per cent of what was once the country's most valuable bank.

Citigroup Inc is in talks that could see the U.S. government boost its ownership stake to 40 per cent, according to media reports.

The bank employs some 11,000 people in the UK.

The news came as governments and financial firms in Japan, France and elsewhere announced fresh capital raising today.

My Phone Call with Network Solutions about Fitna

The call was short and sweet like this post.

Last year, Network Solutions refused to post the website that contained the controversial movie about radical Islam called Fitna. I had a website and hosting contract with Network Solutions at that time, but I could not get out of the contract.

Today, they called me to renew and I said "I am not renewing due to the fact that Network Solutions refused to post the movie Fitna last year".

The Rep then said "Well, other companies refused to post that movie too?"

I then said, "well, they will not be getting my business either. I am not interested.."

The Rep then said "Ok, I am sorry, bye"


Sen. Richard Shelby - "Obama Never Showed Proof of Citizenship"

Here it comes, I think the Republicans need to play this issue up now so the Democrat party and Obama, the left wing terrorist cell IMPLODE...

I said this is not going away and trust me it will not. Alan Keyes was talking about it the other day and there are numerous lawsuits from retired Veterans claiming they also want proof that Obama has the authority to call them back into duty in case of a National Emergency.

What is the BIG DEAL BARRY? Stop hiding your birth certificate you coward. The media and the Supreme Court are also at fault here. The entire court should be forced to resign immediately for refusing to hear this case.

Please contact Sen. Shelby to congratulate him on his courage and to continue the fight for THE TRUTH.

WASHINGTON – A U.S. senator has weighed in on the continuing controversy over Barack Obama's eligibility for office by saying he has never seen proof the new president was actually born in Hawaii.

"Well, his father was Kenyan and they said he was born in Hawaii, but I haven't seen any birth certificate," Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala., told constituents in Cullman County. "You have to be born in America to be president."

Hal Lindsey on the Russian Alliance with Radical Islam and the Apocalypse - 2012

I have been saying this for years and here is more vindication that I was correct.

Mike Huckabee's Plan for the Economy? No Taxes for 6 Months

Great minds think alike, because I thought of this the other day. The Communists in the Democrat party would never go for it, because they want to break the middle class, not help it.

Gov. Bobby Jindal Refuses to Accept a Deal with the Devil

This man is very articulate, has high integrity and he cares about the TAXES unlike the Marxists that are looking to break the people. Wake up, this global manipulation of the economy is STAGED.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Holy Mother Warning the American People about Socialism, Communism and Russia

I remember this woman, Veronica Lueken from when I was a kid. She claimed to have visions and received messages from Mary and Jesus that attracted thousands of followers around the world.

This is very interesting, because she is shouting the same warnings that many REAL Conservatives are shouting.

This is the link to the entire playlist - (3) 10 minute videos

Soros sees no bottom for world financial "collapse"


Gee George is there anything ELSE that you know about this crisis?

Please do tell us...

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Renowned investor George Soros said on Friday the world financial system has effectively disintegrated, adding that there is yet no prospect of a near-term resolution to the crisis.

Soros said the turbulence is actually more severe than during the Great Depression, comparing the current situation to the demise of the Soviet Union.

He said the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in September marked a turning point in the functioning of the market system.

"We witnessed the collapse of the financial system," Soros said at a Columbia University dinner. "It was placed on life support, and it's still on life support. There's no sign that we are anywhere near a bottom."

His comments echoed those made earlier at the same conference by Paul Volcker, a former Federal Reserve chairman who is now a top adviser to President Barack Obama.

Volcker said industrial production around the world was declining even more rapidly than in the United States, which is itself under severe strain.

"I don't remember any time, maybe even in the Great Depression, when things went down quite so fast, quite so uniformly around the world," Volcker said.

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