Wednesday, February 25, 2009

From a Man That Escaped Socialism in Cuba

Anyone else that would like to share their story, please feel free to add it to this post. Thank you...

Holy cow, you bet people around here don't know what is coming, really. - I was born and raised within a communist dictatorship and unfortunately lived there for nearly 30 years until my family and I could finally make it out of Hell.....and I am very strongly smelling Socialism coming, and once that crap would ever come here, so much for freedom of anything, go on ration on everything, a totalitarian fully 100% control of the government, NO private property, work as a slave, say what I want you to say, 100% control of the Press...imprisonment 30 years for speaking out....and more.

No, you don't want Socialism come to America, believe me. The least this country would ever need is that crap, I have been there, I felt it there. - I would prefer to be the rest of my life in Hell.......than going back one single day to that "Heaven" that commies try to tell people Communism is all about.

You don't know what you have (freedom) until you lose it, don't let it go...ever !

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  1. This letter is from Matt:

    I tried to post this as a comment on the letter from the guy who escaped Cuba. Couldn't get it up. Put it up if you like...

    There is reason Cuban's make homemade rafts and risk life and limb in an attempt to float to America.

    Fact of the matter is: The United States is the only country that has to actively keep people out. Others have to forcibly keep people in -- as prisoners.

    If the borders in the United States were opened... most other countries would be empty... and... the U.S.A. would like like a giant frat party with everyone standing shoulder-to-shoulder.

    Yet some in this country want us to be more like the other countries. The socialist and communist ones that keep their citizen enslaved by gunpoint.

    It is one thing to get duped into electing a leader with a hidden socialist agenda. It is quite another to elect one that is openly socialist.

    That is horrifying. It is also horrifying to hear Americans support this and say they welcome socialism.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Obama wants to get 51% of the people sucking off the government tit. That assures re-election. They have to vote for the guy sending them checks to sit on their ass.

    What these lazy, ignorant Americans don't understand yet is: With that government check there is a price. And that price is loss of freedom.

    When you lived in your mom and dad's house and they paid all the bills -- you lived by their rules. You had no say. This is no different. Except, your mom and dad loved you and wanted the best for you. They were not looking out for themselves and their power.

    Banks and companies that took bailout money have already seen this "change." They no longer have autonomy and neither will YOU.

    Accept socialism and cash that government welfare check at your own demise.


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