Thursday, February 26, 2009

Napolitano Avoids Mentioning 'Terrorism' in Remarks to Congress

So, does this mean the war on terror is over, because we voted for a socialist as president? Al Qaeda gained much strength under Clinton, just in time for a Republican to come in and then 9/11 happened. Is this a sign to the American people that if you vote (R), you will pay dearly for it.

Flashback to the terror attacks on Spain in 2004. It was a warning to the people of Spain that they better vote for the socialist or more attacks will follow and the people obeyed that demand out of fear.

This Napolitano is a real piece of work, now you know why Phoenix, Arizona has degraded into the kidnapping capital of the USA. These liberals are placing the American people in danger by allowing dangerous illegal aliens to roam around in gangs, robbing people and murdering. They also like to prey on their fellow illegal aliens, because they are less likely to call the police.

The words illegal alien, terrorist and war on terror are banned due to the political correct atmosphere that we are being paralyzed with and it is placing the American people in grave danger.

Napolitano's prepared remarks also show her using the word "attacks" less than her predecessors. She is the first secretary to use a congressional debut to talk about hurricanes and disasters, a sign of the department's evolving mission following Hurricane Katrina.
Napolitano is not alone in her departure from terror talk.

So, the weather is our enemy now? Will this be seen as the next step into bringing the people into world government? Will HAARP be used to change the weather and use it as a weapon against our own people, to place them in fear?

Weather engineering is very real. China and Russia both have admitted that they have the capibility to alter weather patterns by using electromagnetic waves and fields. China even boasted that they changed the weather during the summer Olympics last year to prevent rain and move smog. So, this is no conspiracy theory, you can search in my archives for HAARP or Scalar weapons for further info.

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