Monday, February 23, 2009

CNIN Radio Show - "Ode to the Marxist Messiah"

This was a clever little rant if I must say so myself :)

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  1. THe guys like Soros use marxism as a way of keeping the lowest classes full of a sense of entitlement and thus able to use against middle and upper middle class people who the Soros group see as more of a threat, wrongly by the way. The Soros group is too lame to understand that they could very well benefit better themselves with a healthy middle class that is productive, educated and informed, instead of some entitlement hungry bunch of permanently impoverished rabble they can use as cheap labor livestock (which is an overshot as most of them dont want to work), ballot cattle and whatever else, entertainment maybe?

    I dont think they want to create a socialist govt. I think they want to create a modern feudal system. Socialism is just a good way to get the absurd numbers of liberals and poverty ridden to destablize the current situation. Socialism is not the goal its the means.


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