Friday, June 6, 2008

Russian Nukes to the Highest Bidder

The Russians are playing a dangerous game here, by knowingly allowing nukes to be sold to muslim terrorists via 'rogue' soldiers and FSB/KGB agents. Their goal is to have this detonated in the name of Islam, but that is just a distraction for their intentions and liabilty.

Then the world wonders why Bush is putting missiles in Poland and the Czech Rep. Bush needs to leak more anti-Russian news FAST. I feel that he knows that the media is loaded with little socialist liberals that share a common ideology and goal with the Russians; a One World Socialist Government.

Here are two videos, one is about a sting that caught a Russian man trying to sell nuclear materials to undercover agents that he thought were Arab terrorists. This happened earlier in the year I believe.

The 2 nd video a chilling lecture by former FBI consultant, Dr Paul Williams speaking about the dangerous of Russian suitcase nukes that are in the hands of terrorists already.

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