Sunday, June 22, 2008

Russian Nukes Will Target European Cities that Host US Missile Defense Systems

This is seriously trying to scare the Russian people into thinking that they are in grave danger from Bush, the USA, NATO and the missile system. Maybe the missile system would not exist if Russia would stop selling weapons to terrorist nations like Iran and Syria, committing terrorist acts like the 9/11 attacks and the rest of their covert dirty deeds. The Western media is covering up all of these little facts...

"There is no doubt that elements of the U.S. missile shield will be placed in Georgia and Ukraine immediately after they join NATO," the analyst said, adding that Ukraine already had radars [in Mukachevo and Sevastopol] that may be used against Russia.

"The U.S. wants to create an impenetrable shield capable of intercepting and destroying Russian nuclear missiles on launch pads, in the initial trajectory, in orbit and on the final trajectory," he said.

Ivashov criticized the Russian leadership for "wasting time in empty rhetoric with the West," rather than taking concrete steps to counter the looming threat.

He suggested that Russia should threaten to sever all relations with NATO if the U.S. missile shield is eventually placed in Europe.

"Russia must also warn the European countries case of a potential military confrontation...capitals, large cities, industrial and communications centers of the countries hosting elements of the U.S. missile shield will inevitably become the primary targets of [Russian] nuclear strikes."

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