Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Final Phase of Russia's Plan for World Communism

This post contains quotes from KGB defector Anatoli Golitsyn from his 1984 book called "New Lies for Old". Golitsyn has been attacked many times by other KGB defectors that disputed his claims, but in my opinion they were all false defectors that were sent to discredit Golitsyn.

There were many in the CIA that claimed Golitsyn was crazy and delusional, but I question where their loyalties lie. Golitsyn said that high levels of the CIA and US Government are deeply infiltrated with Soviet spies, brainwashed liberals and useful idiots. I do not doubt what he says for one second.

There is a lot of information in this post, but it is some powerful stuff. Time is running out....

Mark Riebling, author of the book Wedge: The Secret War Between the FBI and the CIA, pays tribute to Anatoly Golitsyn by crediting his predictions in regards to the phony collapse of the Soviet Union with “an accuracy record of nearly 94%”

There has been a recent and very public spate of mainstream news articles attempting to smear Anatoly Golitsyn and his principle sponsor in the CIA, James Jesus Angleton. I can only assume that either the CIA or the KGB, or both, have decided that Golitsyn’s warnings are beginning to catch on, so it has become necessary to dust off the old smear campaign folder and once again spread their lies about these two.

For the purposes of this post, I would like to communicate just how specific Golitsyn’s predictions are, and let the reader decide for himself whether or not they have come to pass. Please note that these predictions are taken from his 1984 book New Lies For Old (the manuscript was completed in 1980, ten years before the events themselves). Golitsyn is no psychic; his predictions are based on his inside knowledge of Soviet long-range strategy. It should also be noted that many of the predictions contained in New Lies For Old date back to the 1960s and 1970s, as the book is based on memos he was writing to the CIA during that time while still under their employ (he defected from the KGB in 1961).

Of course, the CIA refused to heed Golitsyn’s warnings about the coming phony collapse of the Soviet Union (the one exception being the head of Counter Intelligence, James Angleton, and his staff…some of which, along with members of MI5 and MI6, took the bold step of writing the Editor’s Forward to Golitsyn’s book). It is my hope that you will read Golitsyn’s predictions, based as they are on his inside knowledge of long-range Soviet strategy, and forward them to as many people as possible!!! (Please keep in mind this is only a partial list of Golitsyn’s predictions...also, I typed this, so all spelling errors are my own).


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