Friday, July 25, 2008

Anti-war Students - "ARREST CONDI"

Why do I get the feeling that these mutts look like this? Am I guilty of profiling? Yes, but I am probably RIGHT.

Condi is travelling to New Zealand today and the radical commies from a student union want her to be arrested. In 1963, there was testimony in front of congress about the "45 ways that Communism will undermine society" and infiltrating student unions was a priority on that list. We saw this first hand during the Vietnam war (I am sure that the LSD did not help matters either).

More proof that the radical left are the real fascists and they are out of touch with reason. These kids are being brainwashed by their radical professors and their liberal parents. ALL of these radical anti-war groups are communist front groups where they recruit "useful idiots" (this is what Lenin called them) to go out and start trouble.

Many times the media edits the civil unrest (I know this first hand) to prevent a negative portrayal by the public onto the protesters, unless of course they have video of a cop beating the crap out of one of these anarchist loons. Why does the media do this? They want to spin the news that dissent is being stifled and that the police are abusing the rights of "peaceful protesters". Many times these protests are not peaceful, they contain radicals hopped up on drugs, that are inciting riots and the protesters standing there condoning this behavior are just as guilty.


  1. I know this is an old blog, but I could help but - but say - something. I'm - amazed, really, that someone seems to have called a group of protesters (Marxist) communists, anarchists and fascists - uh, at the same time.

    Okay. I want you to ask the next anarchist you meet what he or she thinks of fascists. They probably won't say "I'd like to give them a hug". If you happened to run into me on the street and asked me that, I would tell you that if a fascist even hinted at gaining the slightest bit of political power, I would gather as many people as I possibly could and rain hell down upon wherever we found them. Anarchists and fascists cannot stand each other and can occasionally be seen beating the shit out of each other in brawls. Now I've never been in a fight in my entire life, that's the truth. But I'm pretty sure that seeing neo-Nazis proud of themselves enough to walk in groups during daylight - would put me in a mindset to make them my first time.

    Second step, at least read the Wikipedia definitions of anarchism, Marxism and fascism before you go throwing those words around. No, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck do not have the slightest clue what they are talking about and - as you put it - are probably "hopped up on drugs" half the time they are talking into the microphone. I promise you, any respectably intelligent Republican will tell you that these guys are total morons. So, take your definitions of "fascist", "anarchist" etc' from actual political theorists. (If you do, you will probably see why "anarchist" and "fascist" should not be put in the same sentence unless the word "fights" is put between them.)

    If you have completed these two steps, you have already come farther than most Americans will ever go in order to actually know what they are talking about, when they talk about anything other than what so-and-so Republican or so-and-so Democrat said the other day. There is no shame in this, rather you should be proud of yourself and hopeful that the rest of us will get a clue.

    Thank you and keep America free.

  2. They are all terrorists. I am done playing this label game. Hitler and Stalin were BOTH socialists and Marxists. They had a pact together. Anarchists are their street thugs...

    If they are not conservative, they are the enemy. I see only 2 sides...

    The Democrats are terrorists as well...

    Any questions?


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