Thursday, July 24, 2008

Media Matters the New Free Speech Police?

Is this the country you want to live in folks? Who is funding this group Media Matters and what is their evil agenda? This is what we have come to in this Country? We are on the cusp of losing freedom of speech due to political correctness; it is near. You have to be blind if you can not see the political motivation behind Media Matters trying to get Michael Savage fired. Do you really think they give a damn about children? No, this is about manipulating the parents of Autistic children, so they can achieve the destruction of a very popular conservative talk show host.

Savage has had several non biased Autism experts on his show since this incident and he has more than adequately explained himself. One doctor even mentioned that there is a rate of 34% of kids that are MISDIAGNOSED with Autism. Others agreed that there is a financial motivation by parents, doctors, drug companies and schools to diagnose kids with autism. The more, the merrier.

I am asking you all to call your local radio stations that host the Michael Savage show and to show your support for freedom of speech and join us in the fight AGAINST FASCISTS that want to tell us how to live and what to say.

This reminds me of the attacks on FOX News (ironic that it is coming from the same usual suspects - Move because FOX has the guts to report the truth and the truth does not mix well with the socialist agenda that is being rammed down our throats today.

The other night I was talking with my neighbor, that was a prisoner for 4 years in a concentration camp in Austria. He said that towards the end of his captivity, he went 3 weeks without food. He also said that he was very lucky to escape with his life and that he knows that he would have been killed if Stalin was running the camps instead of Hitler. This goes to show you that a lot of the propaganda out there against fascism, is by OTHER FASCISTS to confuse, cause deception and divert attention away from their evil agenda.

I noticed that he was very anti-Bush right off the bat and I said to him, "do not trust what you hear in the media, because it is under the control of THE SOCIALISTS". His eyes opened wide up and that got his attention really fast and after another 20 minutes, he AGREED with EVERYTHING that I was saying.

Here is a video from FOX News where Juan Williams mentions the fascism involved with silencing freedon of speech if it is against what liberals want to hear or believe in.

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