Friday, July 25, 2008

20 audio clips of Michael Savage's comments on Autism.

Michael Savage has explained his side of the Autism controversy over and over, but there is still an obvious agenda to fire him, not because of his Autism comments, but because of his daily assault on the liberals and their socialist agenda.

Does the liberal establishment want Michael Savage GONE before the November 2008 election? You bet they do and this is all being POLITICALLY MOTIVATED by the left.

You conservatives better open your mouths to the radio stations, because this is an assault on OUR RIGHTS and OUR VOICE. If they silence Michael Savage, they are silencing MY VOICE and YOURS TOO....

Talk Radio Network posted over 20 clips of Savage talking to experts on Autism and many of them verify what Savage was claiming. It would be wise for a parent of Autism to listen to these clips, so they can get further information on this tragic ailment.

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