Friday, July 25, 2008

Brutal Video About Oppression Against Muslim Women

This is one of the most graphic videos that I have seen about Muslim women being tortured, watch it at your own risk. These animals obviously never evolved.

A vote for Hussein Obama will add more fuel to this Sharia fire. I feel that Muslims GLOBALLY will be emboldened if Obama wins that election due to his sympathies towards Muslims and his ties to the radical left. It is my theory that the radical left is trying to embolden Islam as much as possible, so it would give a black eye to ALL religions and ALL religions will be labeled as extreme.

I got this interesting letter from an American that is currently living in Malaysia -

I'm an American living in a Muslim country (Malaysia,) and most of the local people here don't know that this is the direction their govt required religion is eventually leading them. It's true that Islam isn't nearly as radical here as it is in the middle east, but it all comes from the same book.

One book = one result (eventually).I'm surprised that the government hasn't blocked this video from being viewed in Malaysia yet.


  1. I'm glad to see that you, as a good right-winger, fully support equal rights for all women, even to the point of supporting the Equal Rights Amendment (as seen in the video)!

    That's some philosophical evolution there! Phyllis Schlafly would be enraged over it, but you don't care about THAT, you care only for the moral and legal justice so long withheld from women.

  2. Get off the prozac and translate that commie jibberish for me please.


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