Monday, July 21, 2008

Did the KGB Poison Yushchenko After Attempt to Join NATO?

Once again this shows the desperate attempts to derail and destroy NATO. I guess NATO is not the useless entity that everyone thinks it is, if the Russians want them to disappear so badly. Russia signed a pact last week with Italy and they are trying to form their own European alliance to combat NATO.
I refuse to call the KGB by their new label FSB, because they are still the same ole merry bunch of thugs and murderers. This is just another attempt at deception and fooling the sheeple just like they did with their false collapse and democracy.

I find it interesting that Yushchenko was poisoned soon after he tried to get the Ukraine into NATO.

Ukraine's pro-Western leadership has been pursuing NATO membership since 2004, when President Viktor Yushchenko came to power.

There were protests this weekend about NATO's Naval exercises in the Black Sea, I am sure they were staged by the usual useful idiots. I wonder if Ron Paul attended.

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