Saturday, July 19, 2008

A furious Kremlin is determined to bar Nato

The Kremlin does not have to worry, because traitors like Ron Paul want to help them disband NATO. Does the word treason sound familiar? We are infested with traitors and useful idiots for the enemy.......

Page 262: “One of the objectives [of Euro-Communism] was to prepare the ground, in coordination with Bloc policy in general, for an eventual ‘liberalization’ in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and a major drive to promote the dissolution of NATO and the Warsaw Pact and the withdrawal of the American military presence from a neutral, socialist Europe.”

Page 335: “A coalition government in Poland would in fact be totalitarianism under a new, deceptive and more dangerous guise. Accepted as the spontaneous emergence of a new form of multi-party, semi-democratic regime, it would serve to undermine resistance to Communism inside and outside the Communist Bloc. The need for massive defense expenditure would increasingly be questioned in the West. New possibilities would arise for splitting Western Europe away from the United States, of neutralizing Germany, and destroying NATO.”

The prospect of a war in the Caucasus is looming closer. Last week four Russian military jets crossed into Georgian airspace - flying over the breakaway republic of South Ossetia. This prompted a furious reaction from Georgian officials. They have vowed to shoot down the next Russian warplane.

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