Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ron Paul: Disband NATO

More proof that this guy Ron Paul is really a communist plant and his followers are a bunch of unstable anarchist traitors...END OF STORY.

How do I know this? The Russians want NATO disbanded and here is Ron Paul trying to prevent NATO expansion, so Russia can be protected.

This is TREASON....


  1. You are an idiot!

  2. Ron Paul is a commie plant and I think I just found one of his anarchist stooges lol.

  3. Sir,

    You are lacking a firm understading of history and the history of NATO.

    Both McCain and W have been pushing Russia for some time. "W's crazed view of a missle defence system in Poland and the Ukraine is a threat to there peace with US. In short ask yourself what would our actions be if Russia placed a missle defence system in Cuba not far from our borders?

    Paul's postion is one of peace and the respect of other nations but "W" has created a climante for another world war perhaps you are not aware that Russia has warned the Ukraine and Poland that acceptance of the missle plans will in fact result in a strick from Russia with either nation.

    Study history and study the facts before you post dishonest information. I have been a part of the GOP for over 20 years and I'm amazed with the number of idiot posts from people who fail to study the topics.

  4. Russia is the driving force behind Islamic terrorism and they were behind 9/11. The evidence is overwhelming and well hidden by morons like Alex Jones, because their goal is to confuse the American people, like yourself.

    A Soviet defector testified in front of congress in 1998, BEFORE Bush was President and he was warning the USA that Russia was planning sabotage against the USA. How come Ron Paul, the great patriot never mentions that?

    Look up Lenin's term useful idiots and there you will see Ron Paul's picture and is nutty followers.

    Bush is putting those missiles in Poland and the Czech Rep. because they (Russia) were behind 9/11, but the mission was carried out by Muslims.

  5. According to this high-ranking defector, the breakup of NATO was a key objective.

  6. This is political analyst and Soviet expert Jeff Nyquist.....

    The current split within NATO has been visibly encouraged by Russia. This is no accident. American leaders and the American public must understand the nature of the present geo-political game. The proposed war in Iraq has led to a disagreement within the Western alliance. This disagreement is being exploited to the detriment of the West.

    Let us hope that the damage to NATO is superficial.


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