Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Romney the VP?

I think this is a great choice, he has proven to me that he knows how to express the radical Islamic threat that we face. Russia will also be mentioned much more during the McCain administration than Bush's (different styles).

Bush would rather play the game of deception, make nice in public, but surround the Russians with missiles and keep building up NATO due to their ties with Islamic terrorism. The American media never mentions this.

I also think that John Bolton would make a great Sec of State under McCain....


  1. I can understand, given the establishment GOP's take on him, how you might think a McCain selection of Romney would be a good idea, but I strongly suggest you reconsider.

    I've been on this for some time. Romney is unfit to be president, and therefore cannot be allowed to be Vice President. Those who have known and studied him, esp former backers in MA, are the most passionate about this, and are correct.

    A collection of primary-period posts is here.

    A more recent post about his time as MA Guv, with links back to others that began about a week ago, is here.

    3-4 more posts are coming.

  2. We have so little to choose from that is as high profile as Romney. Rudy is a jackass, control freak.


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