Friday, March 20, 2009

Melting Arctic Ice May Unlock Energy, Ore And Shipping Lanes

I have been saying for several years that Al Gore and the Russians conspired this whole Global warming melting the Arctic ice scam for a purpose. That purpose was to cover for the Russians using a Scalar magnetic fields to melt the ice, so it will be easier to steal the oil from the Arctic Ocean. This is ALL ABOUT MONEY.

Al Gore's "ties" to the Russian Government is very well known, so this really is no big surprise if it is true. I do believe that it is. Plus, Global warming would be a great way to strangle Western corporations with huge carbon taxes. This will give a major advantage to companies in Russia and China that do not have to abide by strict regulations at all.

I know that this theory is way over the head for the average "American idiot", but they are so brainwashed at this point that I give up trying to convince them of the danger they are in anyway. These people are already slaves and they do not deserve freedom.

Meanwhile, today is the first day of Spring in NYC and it is SNOWING. Why has this warming trend not reached my neighborhood yet? I guess they will just say that the Global Warming is imbalanced the entire cycle due to the cars that we drive and the air that we exhale. This is all lies, so stop acting like a bunch of SLEEPING SHEEP.

"Airlines fly over the Arctic all the time; maritime ships never tried because of the ice — that will change," Weitz said.

Weitz leads the Arctic Futures Initiative, an executive consulting service that advises on Arctic issues. He says moving cargo from China or Japan to Europe via Russia's Arctic Sea route could lop 20%-24% off the distance from regular routes.

Products, parts and resources will move faster, changing the global supply chain for the better.

"You can shorten distribution times and the amount of inventory stored in advance," Weitz said.

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