Friday, March 20, 2009

New Dramatic Footage of the WTC Attacks - 9/11/01

This is chilling footage. On a side note, it has always been my feeling that Russia and Iran were really the culprits behind 9/11. Bush should have come clean about that, but he was worried about the implications of pointing his finger at Putin, the former KGB boss.

Felix Dzerzhinsky - KGB founder was born on 9/11/1877. This little fact is never mentioned by the socialist scum in the media. Gee, I wonder why?

The Washington Times reported that on 9/11, there were Russian fighter jets doing military exercises in the Atlantic and the Pacific. They were acting as decoys to make sure that the hijacked jets hit their targets. Cheney called Moscow and he asked them to stop their training and they did, but it was too late at that point.

The real rage exploded inside of me when I walked through ground zero for the first time about 2 days after the attacks. It was like a war zone and it was so unbelievable that you at times thought you were on a movie set.

White ashes covered entire streets, police vehicles, ambulances and fire trucks for blocks. Some of these vehicles were crushed and set on fire by the falling debris. The smoldering pile of rubble was also something I would never forget, because you knew that the bodies of 3,000 people were underneath that debris.

The rescue workers had to keep changing boots, because they would melt from the hot metal. I did not work on the pile, I was doing security for a few months...along with other patrol duties.

My nasal passages were constantly breathing in the black soot and the smell of burning bodies was in the air for many miles. These are things that people do not know, unless they have been there.

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