Monday, March 16, 2009

NY Libs Vulgar, Sexist and Racist in Coulter-Maher Debate

In an event billed as a “distinguished speaker series” event, Ann Coulter faced off against Bill Maher last night at Radio City Music Hall in New York. In front of 6,000 hissing New York City liberals -- alternately absorbing and answering vulgar, sexist and racist insults from “comedian” Bill Maher -- Coulter battled back against audience shriekers, an unfunny Maher and “moderator” Mark Halperin of Time Magazine in a “debate” that would have been more accurately billed as a cage match and shown on Pay-per-View tv.

The tone was set at the very start. The audience was asked whether they thought President Obama was doing a great job -- or if they "agreed with Rush Limbaugh," which is of course the natural counterpoint. Not exactly a fair question, and the response was predictable.

Ann began her 15-minute opening address by acknowledging that her match up against Bill Maher was kind of like the meeting of Sid and Nancy. We all know how that worked out for Nancy.

Less than 5 minutes into Ann's short speech and the audience had already thrown all decorum out the window. Demonstrating their penchant for suppressing speech they disagree with, audience members yelled obscenities at Coulter, the mildest of which was "go to hell." One gentleman ran up the aisle yelling "We've got a real slut on our hands." This prompted an unfazed Coulter to say, "Aren't liberals polite?" Tonight, anyway, the answer was a resounding "no."


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