Thursday, March 19, 2009

Iraq War 6 Years Later - Did the Democrats Let Bush Take Care of Their Dirty Work for Them?

The Democrats all talked tough about Saddam's WMD's during the Clinton years, but when push came to shove they lacked the balls to do a damn thing about it. They had no problem voting for the war and supporting the war (along with the socialist media) until they saw it was time to pull the rug out from Bush and the troops all for political gain.

Their behavior was treasonous, that is not even debatable at this point.

The media and the left wing vermin made sure that victory was not declared while Bush was still in office. The historic Iraqi elections were cleverly hidden by the media, because that would have been a positive note on the war.

How many soldiers died due to the direct undermining of the war by the liberals in the media and the Democrat party is unknown, but I sure would say it is safe to say that half of the deaths can be attributed to their constant propaganda against the war.

The behavior of the left emboldened Al Qaeda and Iran to kill more troops, because they knew that the terrorism would look real nice on the 5 'clock news every night. They knew that they could count on the American media to be their spokes mouth, just like the media did for the communists in the Vietnam war.

The false accusations of torture were also used as a tool to corner the U.S. Troops into a tighter spot during an already tough mission. Putting underwear on a terrorists head and dunking it into water is not torture. Go take a look at video's of Saddam's brutal socialist thugs, because that will remind you what torture really is all about.

The propaganda out there now is that Obama has ended the Iraq war. Golly gee, isn't that special and he did not even have to get his hands dirty. The American people have been brainwashed into believing the constant lies that have been spewed at them by the liberal media and the communist scum that are destroying our youth with their Marxist propaganda.

This Iraq war was really a proxy war with Syria and Iran; both are surrogates of Russia and China. Sounds familiar? Vietnam all over again...


  1. I agree with you that Democrats initially supported the Iraq War, but I disagree with your assumption that the U.S. has achieved victory in the Iraq War. The House Republican Caucus of House Committee on the Budget continues to refer to the Iraq War and funding it, even during Obama's term. Had the U.S. achieved victory in the Iraq War, there would no longer be a need to fund it, during any president's term in office. With troops continuing to be KIA, it becomes obvious that combat still continues to this day, and it continues to cost our soldiers their lives.


  2. I think it is safe to say that the USA won the first huge battle. I suspect that Bush laid down a very heavy threat towards Iran and he had Putin go over there to warn them personally. The violence declined drastically after that visit to Iran by Putin.

    Biden, Reid and the rest of the backstabbing traitors threatened Bush with impeachment if he dared to touch Iran. There is no doubt that Iran and Syria were responsible for the deaths of thousands of Iraqi civilians and US Troops.

    The left wing scum try to make it sound like they were killed by Bush and the US Military, but they are really just propagandists for the enemy.

    This is a proxy war with Iran, Syria, Russia and China; so it will only end in WWIII.

  3. I think you are right about the fact that many democrats were “lacking the balls” to jump into a war with Iraq, but I respectfully disagree with your assumption that the United States is supposed to act like the World’s Police, keeping countries on the opposite side of the world doing what we want them to do. Who made the United States king of the world to do with it as we please.
    The United States cannot continue trying to rule the world as if it was our god given right. The United States is going to end up pissing off all of its allies and end up all alone. Our actions are begging for war on a global scale.


  4. We were attacked on 9/11 by Russia and Iran. Iraq was invaded along with Afghanistan so the troops would have Iran surrounded. Read my blog archives for the proof that I use to back this.

    This was all about Bush pissing Putin off about NATO and this was also all out war against Capitalism.

    The REAL war is about to begin shortly.


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