Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bush, Russia and NATO - Pre 9/11

In June 2001, President Bush made a speech about expanding NATO to the Russian borders. I am quite sure that Bush was briefed about the Russian links to Islamic terrorism since the 1960's, the increase of espionage on the USA by the Russian Intelligence Services after the 'staged' collapse of the Soviet Union, the many Soviet defectors that testified claiming that the USA is in grave danger from the Russians and that they smuggled nukes into the USA to be detonated at a later date by Russian Special Forces, NOT Muslims. This was all prior to 9/11.

The expansion of the NATO alliance was to combat the Russian threat and all of the NWO conspiracy theories and 9/11 truthers are useful idiots for the Russians.
They are communist elements and plants with anti-Capitalism motives. They saturate the Internet daily with their Bush hate, lies and their anti-capitalism propaganda. Their goal is to confuse and distract the American people from seeing the real enemy and that is the Global Socialist Movement. These people are confused, demented terrorists.

This hate for Bush is really hate for CAPITALISM and the Republican party due to their history of being anti-communist. The Republicans have always been a blockade for the formation of a one world socialist Government. This is what every Marxist liberal is dying for, the collapse of CAPITALISM.

The "Bush" NWO/NATO expansion is being formed to combat the Global communist and Islamo-fascist movement that is underway by Russia, Iran, China, the American LEFT, World Socialists and the other usual suspects that are part of the Axis of Evil.

The NYT reported this:

Three former Soviet bloc countries — the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland — joined NATO in 1999, and the 10 central and eastern European countries that are seeking admission next year include former Soviet allies like Bulgaria and Romania. The 10 countries also include the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, once Soviet republics. Russia has long been opposed to having those neighboring nations absorbed into the Atlantic Alliance.

July 2001, Pravda reports that an attack is coming against the American economic industry and that the Russian people should dump the American dollar for the Russian Ruble. The Russians saw this as an opportunity to destroy capitalism and the USA, while helping Russia's economy to benefit. Their other goal was to drag the USA into a costly war and they have succeeded. .

Did Russia Have Prior Knowledge of 9-11?

December 14Th, 2001 - Bush shuts the door in the face of the Russians when he withdrew from the 1972 ABM Treaty. Reports were that the Russians were "saddened" by this, not angry, what a bunch of BS. Bush knew that the Russians were behind the attack on America to derail the NATO expansion on their borders and to destroy the American economy. Why did Bush withdraw from this nuclear treaty several months AFTER the 9/11 attacks? Because he knew that Russia was fighting the USA with a "hidden hand". This statement was made by Alexander Litvinenko, the KGB agent that was poisoned with polonium.

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  1. You are some fucking idiot. Eat shit and stop spreading CIA disinformation. You are providing false paradigms and false dichotomies. You are no different to a White House press release propaganised verbatim by CNN. I and so many others are beyond this.


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