Sunday, June 29, 2008

Poll - 25% Disagree With Supreme Court Decision on Gun Ban

FOX News reported that 25% of Americans polled disagreed with the decision regarding the courts findings that the Washington DC Gun Ban was unconstitutional. 63% agreed with the decision and another 12% were UNSURE. Four of the communist judges voted against the right for Americans to bear arms, this was a close call and a dangerous one at that. Thank George Bush for this victory folks, because it was his judges that pulled this victory from the jaws of defeat.

This is just more proof how dangerous these American liberal fascists are to our freedoms. They would love to ban guns and any speech that THEY find objectionable. Liberalism has infected this country deep into it's core and people better open their eyes soon.

Liberals want us weak and defenseless against our enemies FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. This is why they scream that our soldiers are the real terrorists. This is why they vote against drilling and not for it. This is why they try to limit free speech by labeling it hate speech. This is why they want to disarm us all.

They are saboteurs and they are the enemy within.....

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