Tuesday, June 17, 2008

NBC's Brian Williams - Journalist Insurgent

It is time to call out the traitors in the media that are constantly trying to undermine the war due to politics and brainwashing the American people. NBC just gave Keith Olberman the title as the head insurgent to their cast of biased reporters. CBS is wondering why nobody watches their sweet Katie? I will tell you why...

The REAL AMERICANS do not see these American hating Socialists as legitimate journalists, we see them the same as Al Jazeera journalists. It still amazes me that their advertisers allow this to continue after all this time. They are trying to brainwash people that the majority of Americans feel the same way as they do and if you don't you are an insensitive brainwashed neo-con.

Tim Russet came across as a great guy, BUT the media is putting this guy on a pedestal, because they have this self important arrogance. Russet was a far left propagandist, no different or better than Olberman or Williams. He was a tough interviewer and very intelligent, but he was BIASED. I guess the excitement of having our first black President with ties to Marxist Professors and former terrorists was just too much for him to handle. This is considered a victory for the leftist movement.

If Bill O' Reilly died, the leftist news media and their twisted bloggers would have been dancing in the streets. This we all know...

The LIB journalists see themselves just as important as the President or a Senator, but what they really are doing is UNDERMINING the political system by abusing their powers to reach the people with their BIASED


NBC anchor Brian Williams on Monday evening rued that Afghanistan “is too often called the other war or perhaps even the forgotten war” when “in the month of May, for the first time ever, American and allied combat deaths were higher in Afghanistan than the monthly loss in Iraq.” But that's as much because of good news from Iraq, which Williams ignored, as bad news from Afghanistan. The number of U.S. service personnel killed in Iraq in May was the fewest in any month since the war began in 2003 -- a positive trend Williams, unlike his colleagues at ABC and CBS, failed to share with his viewers two weeks ago.


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