Thursday, June 19, 2008

Muslims Not Allowed to Stand Behind Hussein Obama

Wow, just imagine if this were to happen to John McCain. Do you think the leftist controlled media would be all over that story non-stop? I think so. I am not in the states right now, so I do not have access to much media, but I am sure the usual suspects in the NY Times and so on will bury this story. Instead they are doing damage control for Hussein Obama's Radical Marxist wife, Michelle.

Obama has apologized, that is how the liberals squash controversy, but apology's are never accepted from Republicans of course.

I just noticed that this story is not on the cover of CNN briefly mentioned this story this morning and I am just wondering why they did not ask the magic question? What is Hussein Obama hiding and why is he ashamed to be linked to Muslim people. I was told many times by the Government controlled media that not all Muslims are terrorists. Why is he so afraid to be seen standing along side them?

I guess us racists white Americans like Obama 's grandma can't handle it, maybe that is it...RIGHT OBAMA?

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