Saturday, June 21, 2008

Will Russia Detonate Smuggled Nukes in the USA?

Lets stop all of this pussy footing around folks, because according to Soviet defectors this seems to be the plan of the Russians since the early 60's. In the late 90's there was testimony in front of Congress that said the Russians have attained their goal of smuggling nukes into the USA BEFORE 9/11.

The Soviet Union collapsed, they are now a Democracy and all of communism fell without one shot being fired? Why did they INCREASE their espionage against the West, if that was the case? The media is also IN ON THIS DECEPTION.

I suspect that when Bush bombs Iran, the Russians will detonate these suitcase nukes, BUT Muslims will take all of the blame for them. Gee, isn't that convenient?

If this does happen, Bush should slam Moscow with our not so secret weapon HAARP and then we should arrest any surviving liberals in this country, because they are without a doubt, THE ENEMY WITHIN.

I think the aerial display that Israel did the other day was just for show, they will not be in on the bombing of Iran, because they are too far away. It would be a suicide mission to refuel in the air, while Iranians jets are chasing you. FORGET IT....

They will not use Iraqi territory or the US carriers in the Gulf either.

This was mentioned by the CIA agent that was in charge of the Afghanistan invasion during the first 6 months or so and I agree with him.

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