Saturday, June 21, 2008

Climate Change - Russia Behind Melting Arctic Ice?

Weather engineering is very real, both Russia and China have admitted that they can manipulate the weather (The USA has this ability too, but has not publicly admitted it). The Russians were the #1 oil exporters in the world last year. Yes, they passed Saudi Arabia, but the socialist scum in the media does not want you to know this. Why? Because they are accomplices in this little game of deception and weakness as far as the Russians are concerned.

I suspect that Al Gore is part of the cover up for the Russians melting the polar caps with his global warming scam. Al Gore Sr did LOTS of business with the Russians and it has been known for a long time that Gore had ties to the KGB in the 90's. posted several stories on this.

The Russian news (Pravda) has mentioned on several occasions that the oil in the Arctic will be the start of WWIII. When the Russians planted a flag there last summer, that was a sure sign that this is going to be a problem. RUSSIA WANTS THAT OIL and they are melting the ice, so it can be easily drilled out of the ocean floor........

I was surprised for the Russians to be showing their hand on this so early, but since they have the Socialist Democrats and the media on their side, they feel they are invincible.

"If global warming were to allow this to become a viable source of energy, a serious conflict could emerge between Russia and Norway." This "potential crisis" would draw in the US, Canada and Denmark "competing for large and viable energy resources and precious raw materials".

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  1. Russian strategic bombers continue Arctic, Atlantic patrols

    The international focus on the Arctic is rising due to potential large deposits of natural resources, including oil and natural gas, which are rapidly decreasing on more available parts of the Earth.


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