Monday, July 7, 2008

Iran Pressuring Iraq to Boot US Troops?

I get the feeling that al-Maliki is being pressured by the Iranians (at the direction of Russia) to push the U.S. troops out of Iraq, by saying they are not needed there anymore. Iran is at a tactical disadvantage if the USA is still in Iraq, because they will be surrounded.,2933,376886,00.html

This is for my former military buddies - Why would Iran put their new Billion dollar NPP in such a vulnerable spot, right on their western coast? Could it be a decoy or trap? Notice how the power plants are strategically placed in a row? Their goal is to draw in an aeriel attack into Bushehr and then unload massive anti-aircraft attacks from that line of attack. How many of these other power plants are decoys?????

Very interesting...

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