Friday, July 11, 2008

Russian Media Loves Liberal Useful Idots

WASHINGTON, July 11 (RIA Novosti) - U.S. Democrat Dennis Kucinich has introduced another resolution to impeach U.S. President George Bush for lying to Congress about the reasons for 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Addressing the House on Thursday, the congressman introduced a privileged resolution, saying that, "At least a dozen key material representations made to Congress by the President...were false at the time they were made. The breadth and depth of the President's misrepresentations do not argue for incompetency as a defense, but for deceit as an impeachable offense."

This is the second time Kucinich has tried to impeach Bush. In June, the Ohio Senator introduced a 35-count resolution, which ended up being 'buried' by the Judiciary Committee.
U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who previously said impeachment was "off the table," said the committee could hold hearings on the resolution, although political analysts doubt the resolution will result in any legal action against Bush.

Over 4,000 U.S. soldiers have died in Iraq; the vast majority of the deaths coming after Saddam Hussein was toppled.

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