Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Soviet Story

I have not watched this entire documentary yet, (just skimming through it) but boy it is good. This shows the close alliance between Hitler and Stalin like never seen before. The liberal in the colleges, the media and Hollywood are always showing Hitler and fascism as pure evil; while Stalin and communism are cleansed for propaganda purposes.

I find it interesting that Stalin picked 9/11/1932 as the day to meet with his henchmen to devise a plan to commit genocide in the Ukraine. That is another Russian link to the date 9/11. The founder of the KGB was born on that day (9/11/1877) and that is also the date that Nikita Kruschev died (9/11/1971). The date 9/11 has always been a day of celebration to the KGB, but of course this is never reported by the American Socialist media.

This show is 1hour and 25 mins, so get some popcorn and here is the link if you would like to watch the full screen version on Google...ENJOY.

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