Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Obama Met with Supreme Court Just days Prior to Inauguration

Like I keep saying, this was a COMMUNIST TAKEOVER OF AMERICA enabled by the SUPREME COURT. These judges and Obama need to STEP DOWN IMMEDIATELY.

A lawyer whose case challenging Barack Obama's eligibility to occupy the Oval Office was denied a hearing in the U.S. Supreme Court says she will demand records of a meeting between the justices and the president.

California lawyer Orly Taitz, who has several cases pending over the issue of Obama's status as a "natural born" citizen, told WND she will take action soon.

Her case was the most recent on which the Supreme Court held a "conference," an off-the-record discussion at which justices discuss whether to take a case. Taitz told WND the justices decided Jan. 23 to deny her case a hearing on its merits.

The result was the same for previous cases brought by Philip Berg, whose information is on his website, as well as Cort Wrotnowski.

Like Berg's cases, Taitz said hers now reverts to the lower court, where it was pending when her emergency appeals were submitted to the Supreme Court.

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  1. OK, OK, OK, enough already, I can't take any more hoaxes: First we have Al Gore's global warming, next comes Obama being a constitutionally qualified President, followed by Obama's stimulus plan, but now we have Robert Reich telling us why we need stronger unions. Are we heading for Saturday Night Live 24/7?


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