Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The CNIN Radio Show Being Featured on Blogtalkradio

Thank you to Blogtalkradio for choosing my show to be featured on their great site. I think this is more proof that we are on the right track and I will keep pushing hard to get the conservative word out.

I have contacted WOR radio for information on advertising on the Michael Savage radio show. I am sure that this will be very pricey, so any contributions will be greatly appreciated. Time is running out and it is time for some creative and aggressive actions to get the word out.

I have been under the weather a bit, so this weeks show was canceled and I hope to return to the airwaves this Saturday 8pm.

I am doing the show this Saturday instead of this Sunday due to the SUPERBOWL.

I would appreciate some feedback from my loyal readers and listeners please.

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