Saturday, December 13, 2008

Communist Czech Defector - "Russia behind 9/11"

I have been reading this guys site for several years and the only word that comes to mind is IMPRESSIVE. The reason Bush went into Iraq? Saddam was KGB and Iraq was Russia's terrorist surrogate along with Syria and Iran. Staging the collapse of the USSR was a good way to get those pesky CIA agents out of Afghanistan, so the KGB could spin their deception, by turning the radical Muslims against the USA and Israel through infiltration into their terrorist groups with their own Muslims agents.

This is deep stuff people...Deception, psych warfare and disinformation. It is all here...

It is time to come clean with the American people about the RUSSIAN involvement with 9/11. Putin was not too pleased with Bush prior to the 9/11 attacks, because that was when the talk about Georgia and the Ukraine joining NATO began. Bush was very well aware of the Russian plan to destroy the USA and that was why he began messing with their former republics.

Zawahiri has been KGB since the assassination of Anwar Sadat back in 1981. Bin Laden had no problem working with the KGB this time around, because they could help him reach his goal of destroying the USA and Israel in the name of Islam.

The lead 9/11 hijacker, Muhammad Atta was trained in a Czech COMMUNIST terror camp back in 1988, but the media never talks about it. Why? Because they are useful idiots for the Russians and they are a grave threat to the very existance of this country.

This is long, but well worth the read..........

1 - Russia converted Rubble from the U.S. $ exchange rate to gold

one month before the 9/11 attack. When asked about such unprecedented step, Russian official gave unsatisfactory answers....

2 - According to the 2003 statement of former Czech BIS Intelligence Service Capt. Vladimir Hucin, the 9/11 hijacker Mohammad Atta was in fact trained in Czechoslovakia in 1988 in the very well known terrorist training camp Zastavka near city of Brno [the training took proximately 18 months according to statements to this extent, this camp was also near Czech military base Vyskov where possibly terrorists were trained in combat terrorist operational practices.]

3 - The reason why Soviet Red Army invaded Afghanistan at the

end of 1970s can be shown that it was not for the purpose to capture the territory for any gain other than to create artificial legend for the upcoming "democratic" Russia that Russian "former" communists

have nothing to do with Islamic terrorism and that these are fully "independent" operations of the Muslim terrorist groups and states, including Iraq, Iran, Syria etc. Russian and Chinese involvement must remain hidden, for if it was revealed and recognized, communists would loose their much needed element of surprise [as for example

the old Chinese military strategy Sun Tzu directs.]

4 - It is clear that just based on the deceptive background of these various strategic operations, including the major Soviet - Russian communist deception and long-term fraud called Perestroika, Russian "former" communists cannot be possibly seen behind anything that harms America, including the 9/11 attack.

5 - The organization of the entire "Islamic" terrorist network, including all terrorist groups of the KGB founded PLO [Hamas etc. - Yaser Arafat was a KGB long term agent, another such comparable Moscow asset is Libya's Muamar Qadaffi], is too perfect and too well organized which doesn't suggest that some "horseback riders" of Al Qaeda are capable to keep themselves organized, supplied with weapons, intelligence, logistical support and good level military training. The state sponsorship behind such groups is visible - but which state is behind

it [Russia, China etc.] escapes the most of the western analysts.

6 - The western [flawed] thinking, not accustomed to communist evil practices, disables beforehand any recognition of any long-term communist planning and operational strategy. [Russian, Chinese etc.] Communist "word of honor" is accepted, also based on the materialist western doctrine that as long as these "no longer communist" countries can produce cheap products for the West, they have no other intentions other than to be economically competitive with the West.

This totally naive assumption does not take into account the criminal nature of these communist regimes, their strategic planning and

their full long-term commitment to implement communism around

the World.

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