Sunday, November 9, 2008

Russian Communist Plan to dominate the World

When taking over the world, Russian communist planning had several directions to go

through, namely these following:

1) Demoralization of the opponents and wide-spread long-term sabotage of morals,

historical truth [religious values, education etc.] and justice.

2) Carefully concealed and today superior Russian communist military strength

and WW3 preparedness.

3) Covert communist takeover of the press to prevent any true analysis from coming

out and give warning.

4) World-wide communist propaganda promoting "peace" and "peaceful

coexistence" in order to gain time to strike a decisive blow.

5) Wide-spread promotion of pacifism and of false, purposely by communists manufactured "facts" and scenarios of a nuclear war with the idea to discourage

any substantial military preparedness of the enemy, including that of his general population.

6) Covert takeover of western economy by communist front companies with the

purpose to sabotage, take over and destroy the enemy's military ability to resist.

7) Takeover of entire governments, including the intelligence, military, legislative

and judicial sections, to prevent them from hampering the progress of any

communist operation.

8) Sabotage, takeover and destruction of the whole system of enemy government

and public life.

9) Communist revolutionary struggle, operational detachment of covert agents

and the Party members within the enemy territory before, during and after the

communist takeover.

10) Specifics of Russian communist plan to take over the enemy country.

11) Conclusion

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