Sunday, November 9, 2008

FINAL Thoughts on the Election

I am sure all of you are as sick of this as I AM, but this needs to be said. People flee tyranny and socialist dictators all over the world to come to the USA for FREEDOM and what do we do? We elect a SOCIALIST DICTATOR.

How is Obama a socialist dictator in the making? Well, he has said he wants to create a civilian national police force and the media has totally hidden this fact from the blind sheeple. Who else had civilian national police forces? Hitler, Mao, Castro, Stalin and Pol Pot are just a few. Are you getting the picture?

Obama has stated on tape, that the US Constitution is flawed, because it does not mention redistribution of wealth in it for the masses. Basically he wants to add socialism and Karl Marx's ideas into the US Constitution, but do not say this out loud, because you will be called a racist.

High taxes and redistribution of wealth? This is right out of the Karl Marx playbook. If you are paying extremely high federal taxes and taxes on goods, you will not be able to afford to have a comfortable quality of life for you and your family. These taxes will not hurt the very very wealthy as much as it will the middle class and this is a big reason why the elitists were backing Obama. So much for the myth about the wealthy always backing the Republicans. The reason they are doing this is because they want to have influence and power, when Hussein Obama becomes the dictator in charge.

The Democrats have been calling for unity and healing and they want to unite for the good of the country? For the past 5 years, the insurgents in the media and the Democrat party have ruthlessly attacked GW Bush during WARTIME. They have repeatedly undermined the US Troops overseas and their resistance is directly responsible for many of the deaths of our young men and women. They would love to silence me and they probably will real soon, because they are really Stalinists, not Democrats. They are not for Democracy, they are for tyranny and the leaders of their party should be arrested for the numerous counts of treason they have committed.

Many of us conservatives were not too pleased with GW, this we all know, but I will defend him when it comes to a bunch of communist thugs that would love nothing more than for your children to live under communism. The average American is so clueless what socialism really is or means, but they will find out really soon.



  1. You need help my freind. Your accusations are just false. Read the bible, read the bible... Love thy brother... Stop dividing the world...

  2. We need to rid the world of filthy communists such as yourself scumbag


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