Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Russia Sends Warplanes on 9/11Training Mission

Keep sleeping American idiots......


  1. Gear up for the first African to rule over America from the White House any time soon!September 13, 2008 at 4:46 AM

    The link doesn't work. Why are you making up things?

    In the meanwhile see that corrupted muppet Sarah Palin exposed below:

    Palin's husband receives summons in state trooper investigation
    Daniel Nasaw and Suzanne Goldenberg in Washington
    The Guardian, Saturday September 13 2008

    Alaska's legislators shook up the presidential race yesterday with a vote to subpoena Todd Palin, the husband of Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, to question him about whether she sacked the state's police chief in order to settle a personal score.

    The demand to interview Todd Palin was the latest move in a state senate investigation into accusations that Sarah Palin dismissed state public safety commissioner Walter Monegan because he refused to sack a state trooper caught in a messy divorce with Palin's sister. Palin maintains she let Monegan go over a budget dispute.

    If the investigation finds that Palin used her influence as governor to further a family matter, it could threaten McCain's bid for the presidency. The Republican party has sought to portray Palin, Alaska's governor since December 2006, as a corruption fighter.

    Stephen Branchflower, the former prosecutor conducting the inquiry for the state senate, did not seek to subpoena the governor but has said he would like to interview her. Todd Palin was one of 13 people the panel voted to subpoena. The state senate panel rejected efforts by two of its Republican members to delay the matter until after the November 4 election. Their report is due next month. The investigation began in the weeks before McCain selected Palin as his running mate . The Republicans say the inquiry is politically motivated.

    Monegan says that Palin, her aides and her husband, a commercial fisherman and oilfield worker, approached him and complained that trooper Mike Wooten was still employed by the department. Palin fired Monegan in July, and Monegan has publicly said he believes the firing was connected with his refusal to remove Wooten.

    Sarah Palin's sister Molly married Wooten in 2001 in April 2005 filed for divorce. The Palin family has said Wooten threatened to kill Sarah Palin's father and has lodged more than two dozen official complaints about him with the public safety department. An investigation found that Wooten illegally killed a moose, drank beer in a patrol car and demonstrated a Taser on his 10-year-old stepson. He remains on the force.

  2. Venezuela: Russian bombers a 'warning' to U.S.

    Citizen News Services
    Published: Friday, September 12, 2008
    The presence of two Russian Tu-160 strategic bombers in Venezuela is a "warning" to the U.S., President Hugo Chavez said yesterday, as Washington said it was monitoring the deployment. "It's a warning. Russia is with us. ... We are strategic allies. It is a message to the empire. Venezuela is no longer poor and alone," Mr. Chavez said. The Venezuelan president had announced Wednesday that two Russian bombers were in Venezuela for "training flights" and that he would be piloting one of the jets himself.

    © The Ottawa Citizen 2008

  3. Venezuela under threat: military official

    Caracas, September 13, 2008

    Chief of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces Operational Strategic Command, Maj Gen Jesus Gregorio Gonzalez, said on Friday that Venezuela is under threat of aggression, referring to US Hostility.

    The reactivation of the US Fourth Fleet in the Caribbean is dangerous no doubt we are under threat, said Gonzalez before the National Assembly, which is investigating allegations of plans for a coup against President Hugo Chavez.

    The people and the armed forces are one because we share the responsibility in defending the State and complying with the Constitution approved in 1999, added Gonzalez, who was accompanied by other top military commanders.

    We have become a coveted space because of our oil reserves, he explained, while anticipating tension as non renewable energy sources are expected to start running short in 10-15 years.

    We are working, committed to the Venezuelan people and the State we are constructing, he stressed. President of the National Assembly Cilia Flores appreciated the commitment of the armed forces in defending the country's order.


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