Monday, September 8, 2008

Prison Planet - Propagandists for the Enemy?

Prison Planet has a story about Al Qaeda Chief, Ayman al-Zawahiri ranting about Iran collaborating with the USA in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Hey Alex Jones? I would ask you what you are smoking, but this has nothing to do with drugs. in my opinion, this has to do with being a disinformation agent for Russia and terrorist organizations.

This is all being done to protect Iran and to discredit the US intelligence about the alliance between this terror state and terror group. This is a perfect example of aiding the enemy during wartime...PERIOD.

There have been several instances that I can remember that have been mentioned the fact that Al Qaeda cells have been seen leaving and entering Iran. The next thing the disinformation agents will say is this "Al Qaeda is Sunni and Iran is Shiite, they can't be working together, they are at war".

According to Former FBI consultant Paul Williams, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda have been working together since 1994. Last week, Obama was explaining how Iran and Al Qaeda are not working together, because one is Sunni and the other is Shiite, this is a lie. McCain slipped with the truth one day about Iran's alliance with Al Qaeda and then Joe Lieberman quickly reminded him of the plan to distance Iran from Al Qaeda and McCain corrected himself. McCain forgot the script that day....

Sure, the peasant Sunni's, Shiites and Al Qaeda were all blowing each other up, but this was to cause chaos and American deaths as well. They all share a common enemy and that is the USA.

The Sunni's got tired of the death, so they began to help the USA to out the insurgents that were hiding in their towns. Then the US surge came into town and I suspect that Bush told Putin that he better reign in Iran from killing US soldiers, because they will soon disappear into a large fireball. Last September, Putin flew to Iran and 2 weeks later the violence slowed drastically in Iraq and it has been much lower ever since.

Did the surge help? Sure it did, but I do feel that the Sunni help along with Bush's threat to Iran that was made behind closed doors, were bigger reasons for the increase in peace. Iran has the blood of at least half of the US deaths on their hands due to their assistance in training and arming terrorists, INCLUDING AL QAEDA. This is my estimate, but of course it is impossible to prove really how many.

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