Friday, March 6, 2009

Obama Birth Certificate Issue Reaches Israeli Media

The dishonest socialist thugs in the American media are still refusing to report what the rest of the world knows and that is Obama was BORN IN KENYA.

My sister ran into someone that is a Political Science major and she said that she never even heard about this issue. That is because people sit there watching CNN and MSNBC, thinking that it is the truth, but it is ALL LIES.

Stop playing games Barry, why are you so scared to talk about this? Show us your REAL birth certificate or RESIGN you POS.

Orly Taitz on Isreal National Radio. This show was hosted 3-1-09 by Tamar Yonah.
The entire show can be heard here:

Dr. Orly Taitz, the principal attorney behind the Keyes lawsuit and founder of Defend Our Freedoms Foundation. She is also representing 94 US Military soldiers that are questioning Obama's eligibility.

Dr Taitz is also asking Attorney General Holder to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate this case.

Ambassador Dr. Alan Keyes


  1. Puhleasssssee! Let it finally be proven that he CANNOT be President.

  2. Did you hear Orly telling the host that 7 states have already passed State Sovereignty Laws? Around 29 or 31 min. in. Then she says you only need 2/3 states and the United States "stops to exist". Ummm She says Montana, Oklahoma, Tennessee, New Hampshire, all passed laws. News to me. Orly is incompetent.

    She says she has standing. Nope.

    She misleads people to believe that Obama will be removed... thand then there would be an emergency election. Where does she get this stuff?

    She goes on about the Selective Service being filed very late. It wasn't required when he turned 18. He filed it when it was required.

    She said it was a forgery. Shown not to be.

    She is totally crazy. And... she constantly lies.

  3. Anyone know when Barry changed his name, or can one just change it to whatever one wants for "convenience"? Anyone know why three legal teams are preventing anyone from seeing his original birth certificate or any college records? Is it possible Barry spent all those college years learning how to use deceptive/hypnotic speech techniques using a teleprompter? Anyone know what writing team is creating all of Barry's speeches? Anyone ever seen Barry delivering a speech without a teleprompter? I have about 200 more questions but maybe they will be magically answered by mainstream media...LMAO!!!

  4. there is some very good info and reasoning coming out on how obama scammed the sytem to get welfare, and eduction, and now presidency.

    phony birth cert got welfare.
    phony citizenship got him foreign aid for education.
    phoniness got him the presidency.

    It's all going to come out.
    Bank on it.


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