Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Communist Party Leader Visits Glenn Beck - Classic

The biggest lie of the left wing, communist liberals is that Hitler was NOT a socialist. Hitler was a NATIONAL SOCIALIST and he signed a pact with Stalin. The American liberals admired Hitler and Mussolini, they saw fascism as the "new fad", until Hitler attacked Russia. They do not want the American idiots to know that communism and fascism are basically the same.

The left wing media scum would never ever say on their channels that Hitler was a socialist. When is the last time you have seen marathons on Stalin's atrocities? Never. They only show Hitler/Fascism marathons to throw people off the scent of the current global Marxist revolution, so they think that communism is a good thing and way different than fascism. IT IS NOT.......

This is classic Glenn Beck ...

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  1. 40 years!? These useful idiots have an incurable disease. Although this loon is just an artifact living through an endless psychotic episode, the threat is not over. Never argue or communicate with these people- only action truly speaks louder than words.


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