Friday, February 20, 2009

People Are Getting It

People are waking up, I am seeing it more and more each day on the usual sites that the little left wing Marxists frequent to push their propaganda. The front lines for propaganda is on the Internet and I am really seeing a surge of conservatives speaking out and contacting me. It is a good sign.

There is a right wing backlash happening as we speak (Michael Savage predicted this). The people are getting a bad feeling that something is just not quite right in this country and there is something that the media is not telling them.

Youtube is very important and when the Obama thugs take control of that? It would be a serious blow. Silencing talk radio and conservatives on the Internet is no doubt being examined by these Stalinist creeps that we have in Congress, the Senate and in the White House at the moment.

Obama said he is not for the Fairness Doctrine, but his henchmen and women will gladly do the dirty work for him. He is ALL for this censorship, this is what socialist dictators do folks...silence the opposition with an iron fist.

My computer has been attacked with virus's everyday this week so far. I just cleaned out two more...

This is video of Glenn Beck sounding the alarm on FOX News this morning. He is predicting massive civil unrest in the USA and the World.

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