Saturday, January 24, 2009

US Marines ready to deploy up to 20,000 troops to Afghanistan

A far left winger like Obama in charge of this war now? I feel very bad for these Marines, because the American idiots just made their job IMPOSSIBLE.

This is being done by Obama for several reasons:

1. To pull out of Iraq so we lose the tactical advantage that was gained over Iran. The blood and sweat to gain the Iraq victory will be wasted very soon. This is disgraceful and it is treason.

2. To break the US Military and the eonomy further to the point that we have to just surrender to the World Socialist Government. Economic and military collapse equals Socialist NWO.

3. To trick the conservative movement to support him, because he knows that they are more patriotic than the left wing scum.

Up to 20,000 US Marines could be deployed to Afghanistan after an expected Marine withdrawal from Iraq within six to eight months, Marine Commandant James Conway said Friday.

"The time is right for Marines to leave Iraq," the top Marine officer said, reflecting on the improved security situation there.

As part of the drawdown in Iraq, Conway said he expected "20,000 or less" Marines to be deployed to Afghanistan, although he cautioned against sending too many troops from the corps to Afghanistan.

That deployment would help fulfill the up to 30,000 troops military planners have proposed to inject in Afghanistan within the next 18 months to bolster the approximately 33,000 US troops already there, including 2,200 Marines. Another 142,000 US troops are in Iraq.
Marines "have been steadily removing equipment from theater in Iraq," he said. "The timeline we think today is down to six to eight months to get the rest of our equipment out of Iraq."

There are currently more than 20,000 Marines deployed in Iraq.

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