Sunday, January 18, 2009

NEW GROUP - Stop Liberal Fascism and Censorship

There is an assault on our liberty's and they are coming from Liberals that seek to silence anyone that offers a different opinion than they do. Political correctness, offensive and racism are terms that are used to disguise censorship of conservatives and this must end.

This censorship has it's sites on talk radio, but not on the biased liberals that report over on CNN, MSNBC or the NY Times.

The liberals fascists that consider themselves to be the free speech police repeatedly file complaints and flag conservative web sites on the Internet, because it is their goal to erase ALL opinions that differ from theirs.

These liberals are no different than the Nazi's or Communist propagandists that squashed any and all opinions that were a danger to their radical ideology.

These fascists must be crushed, before they CRUSH US.

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