Saturday, August 9, 2008

Russia Fights the New World Order!!!

This is the propaganda that I am getting mailed to me, the title of this video is Russia Fights the New World Order!!!. I keep telling you people that Alex Jones and all of these other NWO loons are 'useful idiots' for the commies. Notice they scream Neo-cons, anti-USA and anti-British rhetoric only?

Someone posted one of my Russian/Georgia war videos on Alex Jones Infowars site. Once again, they are playing up the anti-Bush, Neo-con , NWO propaganda to deflect any negative news from RUSSIA.

The other day I posted that the American media was under control of the Global socialist movement (somewhere on You Tube) and a bunch of conspiracy loons flooded the post with the usual anti-Bush, neo-con, fascism conspiracy crap. They were saying that the media is not under control of the socialists, it is under control of the fascists and right wing elements in corporations and the Republican party A blind man could see that is a lie.

This is being done to confuse people with disinformation. My message was totally drowned out by these lunatics, because it is their goal to cover up the truth at all costs. It is their goal to cover up for the real agenda and that is a SOCIALIST WORLD GOVERNMENT.

So, basically this moron is proving my point that I have been shouting for over one year on 360 and here and that is the NWO propaganda is being fueled by communist elements.

The Bush NWO is an anti-soviet, anti-socialist NWO. The Al Gore NWO is a Socialist world government NWO and it is anti-capitalism. Gore and his merry band of fools feel that this is the way to avoid all out war with the Russians and China, by converting to a socialist state, like Venezuela.

Someone called Michael Savage the other day (an Obama supporter) and he said "Don't you think that Obama becoming President will end all wars?"

Savage missed the real meaning of this question, but I did not. This guy is basically saying that if we allow Obama to do his thing and turn the country socialist, that will be the end of world wars.

The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism.” - Karl Marx

Here is the link to the video

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