Tuesday, August 5, 2008

San Francisco Bans Sale of Cigarettes in Pharmacy's

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The liberal fascists strike again - Every other day something is banned by these Nazi's, because they want to ram their lifestyle and agenda down your throat. These communists hate when they are called Nazi's, but they are no different from fascists at all.

I quit smoking cigarettes 16 years ago WITHOUT the help of the Government. I recently started to have a cigar here and there while I walk my dog. How much longer before that is banned? Will they charge me with cruelty to animals for smoking near my dog? I think I am smart enough to keep the 2nd hand smoke away from him and I do not blow the smoke in his face. Is that satisfactory to you Nazi's?

Last week, the LA City Council banned the opening of new fast food restaurants, because they feel that people are too obese. Well, not everyone can afford sushi and Apple Martini's every night you morons.


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