Friday, June 13, 2008

Michael Savage - "Arrest Liberal Supreme Court Judges"

Michael Savage mentioned on his radio show yesterday that the Supreme Court Judges that voted AGAINST the interests of National Security, should be placed under arrest. Yesterday, the Supreme Court decided that the enemy combatants being held at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, have the same rights as any American under the U.S. Constitution. Well, I have news for them, nothing can be further from the truth, because the US Consitution is for AMERICAN CITIZENS and it is NOT an International DOCUMENT or treaty.

I agree 100% with Michael Savage and I was actually going to call his show to recommend the same solution, but someone beat me to it. I can tell that many patriotic Americans, such as myself and Michael Savage are sick and tired of the communist infiltration into our courts and the media. This decision put ALL AMERICANS, (liberal or not) at risk and I feel the decision is biased due to the 'liberal' views of these particular judges and not based on the constitution. I also feel that it was politically motivated.

Where is the outrage? I also agree with Michael Savage that George Bush is afraid to do the right thing here, because of the anti-Republican/anti-Bush media will go against him no matter what he does or says. The liberals are cheering this decision, but they will soon be cheering to their own demise.

What will it take to save this country? Martial law? Will it take that to weed out the infiltrators, insurgents and communists in the Congress, Senate, Supreme and lower courts and of course the media? Time is running out and Bush can NOT leave this country in the hands of Hussein Obama and 'Old man' McCain. The Republican party should boot McCain out into the street, because he does NOT stand for OUR CONSERVATIVE VALUES.

I would support Bush 100% if he arrested these Supreme Court judges, because they clearly are NOT acting in the best interest of the people and the Constitution.


  1. Well said ------ I wholeheartedly agree with you.

    I live on a lower than average income, but will be sending my check to Michael Savage in order to fight fight for free speech. It's frightening to me that Savage and other conservatives might be taken off the air. Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder.

  2. my friend, I am not a millionaire either, but we all have to do our part, because we will be in deep shit soon if we don't.


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